Malwarebytes Review


Malwarebytes is a security software suite with both free and premium editions that provides multiple layers of antivirus protection, such as on-demand and real-time virus, spyware and malware scanning; ransomware protection; blocking of phishing websites and malicious website content; using AI for detection purposes and providing access to an extensive malware database. Malwarebytes also provides endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities for businesses.

An intuitive user experience makes the program accessible and straightforward, with user-friendly options and an easy interface that anyone can understand. Most users won’t require changing any settings at all as the defaults provide maximum protection; but those looking for more customization have access to a Settings tab where they can switch between light and dark themes with three background images to suit individual tastes.

Once you click the Detection History button on the dashboard, a summary report of any threats that have been blocked or quarantined will be shown. This feature can help detect false positives that may occur if using this program as an add-on for your primary antivirus scanner, and allows you to review all quarantined items to restore or delete those that may have been incorrectly flagged from within the quarantine screen.

Malwarebytes’ Settings menu features seven tabs to let you tailor the experience exactly to your liking. Heuristics and artificial intelligence options can be turned on or off; device alerts enabled or disabled as desired; your desired language selected and notifications turned off (or even not received); light/dark theme dashboard choice available and password changes in cloud management console are among these customizations.

Malwarebytes apps for Android and iOS don’t compare with its desktop version in terms of features; but still provide plenty of protection. Android offers malware scanner, ad blocking, SMS filtering, scam call block and privacy audits; while Apple only permits basic web protection features plus ransomware/phishing protection plus VPN privacy services on its platform.

Malwarebytes does an effective job at detecting malware and viruses. However, it should be noted that Malwarebytes doesn’t access threat databases used by other antivirus programs which limits its detection abilities as well as being less effective against zero-day malware attacks than its competitors.

Malwarebytes should be run alongside your primary antivirus rather than replacing it entirely, although for full protection we suggest Norton 360 Standard or Bitdefender Total Security as alternatives.

Overall, Malwarebytes is an affordable and effective antivirus scanner that we recommend. Although not as comprehensive as advertised on its website, Malwarebytes makes an ideal supplement to a more comprehensive security suite. You can test drive Malwarebytes for free with 14 day trial period before purchasing license after trial period has concluded if interested. For more information on NYU’s Antivirus and Security Software Policy visit Secure Your Computer

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