MiniTool Movie Maker Review

MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool Movie Maker is a video editing software with several tools designed to enhance audiovisual fragments. Users can trim, join and add meaning to various clips in order to produce high-quality videos and photos. Furthermore, this program features various effects and animations which add extra charm and excitement to videos created using MiniTool Movie Maker.

This program is an ideal solution for anyone seeking to quickly edit videos without spending much time doing so. It features an attractive and user-friendly user interface with light or dark mode options to suit individual preferences, is compatible with various file formats, and runs flawlessly on all Windows systems.

Import media files into the program easily by using the Import Media Files icon, and once uploaded you can start editing them on the timeline. Furthermore, this program offers two music tracks and three text tracks for greater control over overall production.

Title and credit creation in this program is easy. Start by visiting the Caption Library and choosing a template that corresponds with your footage, then move onto selecting an appropriate position on the timeline before clicking + sign. Furthermore, you can adjust font style, size, bold or italicize of text if necessary.

This app also comes equipped with the capability of cropping videos and photos, enabling you to select only the important parts and remove irrelevant parts from a frame, saving space on hard drives while playing higher resolution copies on mobile devices.

MiniTool Movie Maker provides another helpful feature called the Speed Controller that enables you to easily change or reverse the original speed of videos, as well as adjust their volume and add various audio effects.

The program’s “Effects” tab features classic and unique visual effects. You’ll also find over 30 motion options you can use for panning and zooming clips – perfect for adding Ken Burns effects, pan-and-zoom transition effects or other transition effects to your videos.

Also, this software allows you to convert videos to 3D format and create stunning animations, as well as edit their color by choosing specific tones or apply custom LUTs created to match popular movies.

MiniTool Movie Maker’s most remarkable feature is its ability to extract audio from videos and extracting an interview or speech for podcast creation. Furthermore, this program features an automatic backup function which keeps a copy of all projects on your computer for safekeeping; you can even share online via platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo – however with only up to 100GB per month allowed as upload data for sharing purposes.

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