MX Player to Be Acquired by Amazon

MX Player

MX Player is one of the most acclaimed video player apps not just in India but across Asia as well. Support for all primary video formats as well as download subtitles in SSA/ASS, SRT, TXT and VTT are provided as well as advanced features like hardware acceleration, screen mirroring and support for various codecs help make MX Player an essential video viewing application.

MX Player is an essential app for anyone who enjoys watching their movies and videos on their smartphone. Supported file formats include all major video file types as well as HD content – plus its HD playback is very smooth! Screen resolution can also be customized as necessary and its user-friendly interface makes navigation and usage a breeze – not forgetting customizing its appearance and colors as well.

MX Player makes it easy to enjoy music and podcasts. With access to an impressive library of audio tracks, MX Player makes an excellent streaming solution without being tied down by specific services. Plus, this app allows users to control playback speed, skip forward/backward through tracks, as well as adjust sound volume accordingly!

MX Player was initially created by a South Korean app developer but has become a global phenomenon due to its success in India and other emerging markets. Available for various Android devices and boasting over 150,000 titles including Bollywood films as well as TV shows, short videos, and music videos – it is truly an impressive library!

MX Player, as one of the world’s premier media apps, has been downloaded over 300 million times worldwide and used in more than 190 countries. Due to its success in India – which boasts the world’s fastest growing OTT market – Amazon is taking note of MX Player. They reportedly hired one of the Big Four accounting firms to conduct due diligence on it before making a final decision regarding an acquisition decision.

Amazon India currently operates two streaming platforms – Prime Video and MiniTV – both targeting socio-economic classes with top income levels; respectively. Prime Video comes bundled with its Amazon shopping app while MiniTV is open and free for everyone with access to smartphones and data connections.

Amazon’s acquisition of MX Player will give them a significant edge in India’s online video streaming (OTT) business. Amazon is looking to increase their presence there, which explains their purchase of local players such as MX Player. Dominating local OTT markets currently dominated by Hotstar and Disney+ (with over one billion combined users worldwide) should enable Amazon to take control over them quickly. It will likely spark consolidation across other OTT industries as smaller competitors merge or be acquired; we shall wait and see what comes of this acquisition!

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