New Features in DIALux Evo Version 9.0

DIALux Evo is an intuitive lighting design software program, making lighting projects quickly. Using real luminaires from top brands, this powerful tool provides designers with real luminaires to use quickly in creating lighting projects quickly. DIALux Evo features 3D rendering engine support, BIM support and built-in database capabilities; in addition it is available in 26 languages for single or multi user mode use.

DIALux v9.0 contains many improvements that simplify lighting design processes for both planners and client teams alike, making designs faster to complete while providing documentation with greater clarity for client teams to understand.

One of the key innovations in this release is the new’show light visualisation’ feature. This allows the user to visualize the light output of any particular luminaire without first needing to calculate an entire project first (which can take considerable time on larger projects). As such, positioning luminaires within rooms becomes both faster and simpler than before.

DIALux v9.0 adds daylight control systems and skylights to rooms, which is important as the amount of natural lighting entering buildings affects overall illuminance. Furthermore, it enhances lamp tool layout and usability by introducing search field functionality and streamlining luminaire arrangements; additionally it detects CCT/CRI values which do not correspond with physical black body radiators, providing documentation purposes.

DIALux v9.0 allows planners to optimize a street light arrangement according to EN 13201:2015 by choosing an optimal pole distance, boom length and inclination angle; as well as minimum height requirements. This helps avoid inefficient light pole spacing, unreasonable boom length or excessive lighting that causes glare or shadowing for pedestrians.

DIALux v9.0 also now supports IFC import, providing better integration into BIM workflows and making it possible to import models from programs like Revit.

However, this feature has several limitations. At present it is not yet possible to import outdoor scenes created in DIALux 4. Furthermore, any imported designs consist of simple objects rather than becoming an entire building when imported. DIALux v9.0 can only import interior scenes created using DIALux 4. This means that room-based designs from DIALux 4 won’t automatically become buildings when imported into DIALux v9.0. DIALux v9.0 calculation surfaces and value specifications may also differ from DIALux 4 due to newer standards, calculation surfaces and value specifications; any such differences will be taken into account in its calculation results.

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