Norton AntiVirus Review

Norton AntiVirus is an all-encompassing security program, protecting users against viruses, spyware and ransomware. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with a comprehensive malware database to detect threats to your PC while keeping it running smoothly; also scans for phishing sites, browser vulnerabilities and any type of malicious online activity; however it doesn’t consume many system resources which may lead to a significant drop in performance when running.

The main Norton AntiVirus window offers an attractive and user-friendly display, featuring six core features in order: Device Security, Dark Web Monitoring, Secure VPN, Password Manager, Cloud Backup Backup and Parental Controls. From here you can update, scan or access other settings.

If the antivirus detects a threat, it will immediately inform you in a new window and provide details about what action are recommended – this might include closing an app or downloading free tools from Norton that can neutralize it, quarantining an item altogether – with an option to un-quarantine later if desired.

One of the greatest assets of Norton AntiVirus is its ability to monitor all programs running on your computer and notify you whenever something suspicious or security-risky arises. This feature will often indicate when updates for programs haven’t come through in time or indicate suspicious behavior that could indicate malware presence.

Norton software offers various safeguards to prevent data theft or loss, such as alerting when new wireless devices connect to your home network. Furthermore, files and emails can be encrypted for increased protection while parental controls block websites known for providing inappropriate material for children.

Norton’s cloud storage feature enables you to save files directly in the program itself, protecting them from potential hardware failure or ransomware attacks. Furthermore, its password manager safeguards against unwarranted access by encrypting sensitive information within its cloud repository.

Norton is well-regarded for detecting and preventing malware, boasting an outstanding 100% detection record on AV-Test’s widespread tests from May 2020 back. When it comes to Android phones specifically, Norton stands out from the competition with a 100% malware detection rate from Android to April 2019 as well as blocking bloatware which annoyances as well as optimizing disk performance for enhanced performance. Unfortunately, its only drawbacks include an awkward desktop experience and high prices post one year; but we believe they make for worthwhile investments!

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