Norton Family Review

Norton Family provides parents with powerful parental control features to promote digital citizenship and protect children from online hazards. The suite’s easy settings make establishing house rules across devices simple while its advanced location tracking, web filtering and kid-friendly browser enable parents to monitor activity with complete peace of mind. In addition, Norton Family offers beginner-friendly apps for both kids and parents with Android, Windows and iOS compatibility for added peace of mind.

Screen time controls on PCs, smartphones and tablets work exceptionally well, enabling users to restrict app access and set daily time limits with ease. Norton Family is unique in that it doesn’t block apps by category but rather by schedule; unfortunately iOS’s implementation of this feature could use improvement; setting daily time limits simply involves clicking an icon for every day of the week; however it would be nice if more options existed such as setting hour-by-hour limits instead.

Norton Family is one of the only programs to allow parents to remotely lock a child’s device, making it an invaluable feature in an emergency or if you suspect cyberbullying has taken place. Parents will receive email alerts regarding suspicious activity or violations of house rules; weekly and monthly reports provide insight into children’s online behaviors and habits.

Norton Family provides an effective web-filtering feature as a cornerstone of its parental control software, and does an outstanding job at blocking inappropriate material. Its 40 categories cover topics like Alcohol, Cults, Drugs, File Sharing, Mature Content Online Chat Pornography Sex Education. The Activity tab displays each child’s most frequented categories with an option to filter by device or time range; clicking any particular entry brings up more details such as thumbnail of page layout category assignment number of visits plus click-to-resolve an entry’s categorization or add it directly into a whitelist if needed.

Tracking video playback, available both for Windows and iOS devices, can also be a valuable feature. Although videos typically take 20-30 minutes to appear in the Norton app, this provides parents and guardians an effective way of monitoring what children are watching as well as opening up dialogue regarding viewing habits.

Search history functions may not be as powerful as some of their competition, but they still provide invaluable insight into your children’s online behavior. By showing search terms and keywords they use in browser searches and the types of results they get back – such as pornography, guns or violence- you gain an idea of their search habits and can monitor them more closely.

Parental controls on Windows, iOS, and Android generally work effectively, with Norton Family browser offering an intuitive experience for children as well as minimalist mobile apps that let them check in and view restrictions. Additional support would be welcomed from Macs as well as more monitoring capabilities for social media posts/games across both desktops and mobiles.

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