Norton Internet Security Review

Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security from Symantec is a suite of computer programs that provides malware, exploit, and online identity protection. Utilizing signatures and heuristics to detect threats while providing firewall, antispam, parental controls, and an unlimited VPN that encrypts data for Windows, macOS and iOS devices to keep hackers at bay even when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Norton antivirus software earned 100% in AV-Test’s Windows 10 protection tests, making it one of the top choices to keep your PC secure and running smoothly. Other features available for use with the program include password management, VPN connectivity and LifeLock ID theft protection that helps identify and retrieve lost or stolen credentials.

SONAR can monitor your behavior to identify new or unknown zero-day threats in real time. It monitors application activity to find possible threats, while also comparing file stability across Windows versions to ensure viruses do not spread between machines with differing system configurations. Compared with traditional virus detection techniques, this technique is much more effective at stopping newly developed threats such as rootkits and Trojan horses than their traditional equivalents.

SONAR technology isn’t perfect and may incorrectly flag some legitimate programs as malware, leading to false positives in Norton Insight. This feature of NIS aims to minimize such misidentifications by tracking how programs behave on your PC and use both hardware and software resources, assigning trust scores to files and applications on it that help determine their level of risk and giving a comprehensive picture of any threats on it.

Norton Clean tool is another useful feature, helping users search and delete temporary, duplicate and similar files that take up space but are no longer needed. Furthermore, this program optimizes disk performance to speed up startup times while its graphical disk usage graphs identify which programs use most memory and CPU to enhance PC performance.

Norton provides you with access to most of its features through an app available for Android and iOS. The interface is user-friendly and quickly scans as soon as you log in; though not as advanced as other mobile security solutions such as Kaspersky Mobile Security app, the Norton solution covers basic needs effectively.

Although Norton Mobile Security app is intuitively designed for easy use, we miss some key features once available on its desktop version. Most notable among them is an anti-theft option allowing us to remotely wipe a stolen device; other competitors (Bitdefender and Kaspersky among them) already had this capability available to them.

Norton Mobile Security app is an effective choice for safeguarding Android and iOS phones, but could be more complete in terms of protection and features. Consolidation of elements like Password Manager, Parental Controls and VPN would make for an even greater experience on both platforms; in addition, custom wallpaper settings as well as fingerprint or facial recognition would add further to its effectiveness.

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