Norton Security Review – A Review of the All-In-One Antivirus Suite

Norton Security

Norton Security may not be the cheapest antivirus suite, but its premium protections easily outshone cheaper rivals. This all-in-one solution keeps devices protected against malware and ransomware attacks while phishing attempts are blocked and devices found stolen can even help locate stolen devices! Occasionally there may be false positives; nonetheless it remains an excellent package.

The new Norton interface is an immense improvement from its previous clunky desktop experience and looks fantastic on mobile as well. The home page is clean and simple with all main features readily visible – plus quick scans start right away so that you can start protecting yourself instantly. Both Android and iOS versions of the app offer user-friendly navigation – including all tools being accessible from one page.

Norton 360 excelled in AV-Test’s September and October 2021 round of tests by scoring 100 percent on both zero-day malware attack tests as well as widespread and prevalent malware detection, with only 14 false positives detected. Furthermore, in real world real tests from September/October, 95 percent of samples were blocked while it blocked all commercial keyloggers – outdoing nearly all competing products tested by PC Magazine!

Phone Takeover Monitoring was released to all subscribers starting in January 2021, providing protection from SIM swapping and port-out scams, where hackers take over your phone number to gain access to mobile-payment accounts. Furthermore, it encrypts data for privacy when using public Wi-Fi networks.

There are other useful tools, such as a Startup Manager that shows the programs set to launch with Windows and allows you to delay or disable them; and there’s also a Performance Monitor that shows CPU and memory usage of all running apps – great for helping identify any high resource utilization due to Norton or another program! Plus it comes equipped with an interactive scrolling graph that shows CPU utilization over time!

Norton stands out with its Behavioral Analysis feature, which uses machine learning and emulation to analyze malicious files as they attempt to enter your computer. It can block malicious apps and alert you of suspicious activity (PC, Mac). Furthermore, this technology also works well on Android devices where it uses reputation information from Symantec’s global threat network and cloud-based heuristic engine to detect new malware – providing another effective means to block threats before they have time to cause harm (PC, Mac). Finally, Smart Scanner leverages this technology as it removes threats found there without even needing Internet connections or connection at all!

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