Norton Utilities Review

Norton Utilities helps your computer stay healthy by clearing away unnecessary files and filling any gaps in its registry, clearing out clutter while improving performance by optimizing CPU, storage devices, RAM and other components.

One-click optimization tools come standard in this user-friendly interface software available as part of an annual subscription model and capable of optimizing up to 10 PCs at the same time.

Speed up your PC

Norton Utilities removes junk files and bloatware from your computer, optimizes hard drive performance to increase PC speed, and ensures Windows registry stability. Furthermore, this tool blocks unneeded startup programs from launching at boot-up time as well as providing step-by-step guidance to get your system back to peak condition.

The program features a system scanner to identify and repair errors on your computer, disk cleaner for clearing away temporary files that slow down performance, and file shredder to securely delete personal documents so they cannot be recovered by others.

Norton Utilities Premium software is easy to use, with a user-friendly user interface that’s straightforward. Available through an annual subscription plan and optimizing up to 10 computers simultaneously. Support via chat and telephone are included along with online assistance if needed; additional upgrades such as Norton Utilities Professional are also possible at an extra fee; though not as inexpensive than competitors’ versions but offering more features and exceptional customer support.

Fix recurring issues

Norton Utilities will automatically optimize your PC’s processing power and memory to make it run like new, including uninstalling bloatware to speed up boot times and block potentially dangerous programs from starting up automatically. Furthermore, it securely disposes of personal documents so they cannot be accessed again in future.

Its registry cleaner identifies and deletes outdated entries that cause slow performance or frequent errors, including invalid shortcuts which often contribute to Windows failing to start properly.

Norton Utilities’s user-friendly display makes it effortless to use, making it one of the more user-friendly tools of its type. Its logical design includes functional grouping and deeper option tabs which help minimize content on-screen at any given time. A free trial version is available; however, to fully utilize its capabilities you need a subscription at a reasonable per computer price; especially considering it comes with superior support over competitors.

Optimize your hard drive

Norton Utilities is an easy way to revitalize a slow PC. By clearing away unnecessary files and fixing persistent issues, this app helps free up space on your hard drive allowing programs to load quicker and games to play without experiencing lags.

Another feature of this software is its ability to enhance digital privacy by removing information retained by third-party apps on your computer, and by including a file shredder for secure disposal of personal documents so they cannot be accessed by others.

Norton Utilities stands out as an intuitive and comprehensive application, featuring an effortless user experience and minimalist design that includes dashboard, automatic care, toolbox and real-time boost sections to get more done on Windows computers with just a few clicks. Also offered as an annual subscription model that lets you optimize up to 10 computers at the same time.

Protect your privacy

Norton Utilities can do more than optimize your PC: it can also protect your digital privacy by helping you delete browser file downloads and securely dispose of personal documents so no one else can gain access.

Power User will appreciate its clean and intuitive user interface that’s tailored specifically to meet their needs. When compared with Glary Utilities and CCleaner, this software features more precise controls with professional layout. Furthermore, its set of tools cover almost every imaginable PC problem.

Norton provides its premium customers with over-the-phone support and live chat, unlike most utilities which only provide help articles and community forums. This makes Norton an invaluable option for tech savvy users needing extra assistance from knowledgeable representatives; however, this software is expensive for those only requiring basic PC optimization tools; competing products often offer lower pricing but offer comparable sets of features.

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