Omegle Online Video Chat

Omegle Online Video Chat

Omegle Online Video Chat is a random video chat website that connects people of similar interests. The site’s interface makes for an effortless experience; all messages fit comfortably within a large text box with a button for you to press when sending. Furthermore, users may use their webcams or hide themselves during conversations using these facilities.

Website users aged 13 or over may register free, however to participate in a chat they must be at least 13 years old. While the service does not verify user’s ages, those under 18 should use it with parental or guardian approval only and warned about potential exposure to sexually explicit material and inappropriate content and encouraged to report any suspected violations immediately.

Even with warnings, this site has generated significant debate due to its use by predators seeking minors for sexually explicit conversations and activities that violate their privacy. There have been multiple reports of children being mistreated while browsing and users coming across pornography, racism, scams and other inappropriate material unexpectedly; and schools, police forces and governments advising students against accessing it.

Though our site cannot be completely censored, it has been made safer with the introduction of moderation. A team monitors chats and blocks users who abuse others or breach terms of service on our website. Furthermore, users may temporarily turn off chat functionality by clicking “End Chat”.

Omegle can be an entertaining way to meet new people, but its use can be dangerous for children. As parents or carers it is our duty to teach our children online safety by setting an example and discouraging websites which could pose threats. Talking with your child about their activities online and being open to their questions will also be useful – our Parents and Carers Toolkit offers support in having these discussions.

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