Partition Magic Review

Organization and space reclamation on your computer’s hard drive are invaluable skills. Partition Magic makes this task simpler by creating partitions (which act like file drawers) on your hard disk so that different operating systems, applications and data files can be stored separately. Plus it enables you to move and combine partitions without damaging data on the drive – once offered under PowerQuest Partition Magic by Symantec then later as Norton Partition Magic! A powerful program able to change computer partitioning quickly – supporting FAT, NTFS and EXT 2/3 file systems as well.

Install and run quickly thanks to Windows-style setup. Its main window consists of color-coded bar diagrams representing your partitions’ locations, sizes and types; you can modify them by manipulating their position and size in these diagrams. An Explorer-like folder tree on the left side provides another means to access and manage them.

Partition Magic’s hallmark feature is its ability to resize and relocate partitions without altering their data, such as when your C drive fills up; you can reorganize nonadjacent partitions into any unallocated spaces on the hard disk to expand its size – something Disk Management cannot provide without reformatting all data on that drive first.

Fiddling with partitions carries considerable risk; even minor errors could make a hard drive unbootable or, at best, unstable and make any subsequent repair difficult or impossible altogether – potentially resulting in irreparable harm to both your operating system and computer system.

Partition Magic provides an easy, user-friendly interface for managing partitions on hard drives. Available as a free download from Symantec, Partition Magic should no longer be developed or supported as it no longer meets modern demands for partition management software – for more powerful management options we suggest checking out Top 6 Best Partition Manager Software for Windows as a replacement option to Partition Magic.

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