PhoneClean Review

Your iOS device accumulates residual files such as caches, errors and operating traces as you use it, gradually becoming filled up with this garbage that causes apps to run slowly. This waste can hinder performance.

PhoneClean is a software program that quickly removes these junks to keep your iPhone running efficiently, with options including quick clean, Internet/Privacy cleaning and system cleanup.


PhoneClean is an iPhone cleaning and maintenance program that ensures your device runs like new. It helps clear away temporary files, caches, and other pieces of data that clog up the system while simultaneously clearing away browser history, cookies, and any traces that might compromise security. Furthermore, military grade shredding methods ensure deleted information cannot be recovered via file recovery software programs.

The software runs quietly in the background, enabling you to continue using your iPhone or iPad while performing its optimization tasks. Lightweight technology ensures your device won’t experience any lag during cleaning sessions.

Features of Phone Cleaner Pro for iOS include hands-free cleaning, deep privacy protection, ultimate acceleration and innovative iOS maintaining features to elevate the experience of iPhone and iPad owners. Security functions let you delete call logs, notes and texts messages as well as prevent others from accessing personal information on your device.

In-depth privacy protection

This program can quickly locate and delete temporary files, junk files, cookies and any other unused data occupying space on a device. In addition, its Privacy Clean feature can permanently clear call logs, notes, text messages and associated attachments to protect user’s private data from prying eyes.

This iOS eraser can also detect and delete files that are causing your phone to run slowly, such as downloaded temporary files, cached photos/videos, download history, photo stream/camera roll/photo library caches or leftover remnants from incorrectly uninstalled applications. Doing this can free up space and improve overall performance on an iPhone.

PhoneClean can also erase data that’s not saved anywhere else on an iPhone like call logs, notes and messages to protect personal information and prevent it from getting leaked out when trading in a phone for an upgrade. Boasting hands-free cleaning capabilities as well as comprehensive privacy protection and innovative iOS maintenance features, this revolutionary iPhone eraser will take users’ iPad and iPhone experience to new heights.

Ultimate speed-up

PhoneClean can quickly remove unnecessary files and data to free up space on your device, while its internet cleaner offers comprehensive internet cleaning capabilities that target Safari junk, browsing history, and webmail caches. Before making use of either feature, however, be sure to back up any important files before taking this approach.

Crash reports, app leftovers and other miscellaneous system data can easily be deleted to speed up your iOS device and save money by uninstalling unnecessary applications from it. Furthermore, its secure shredding algorithm ensures that any deleted data won’t ever be recovered by recovery programs.

This top iPhone iPad cleaner software was specifically created to reclaim more free space, boasting up to an 80% junk file scanning and cleaning speed. Users looking for an efficient solution that keeps their devices operating at peak performance will find this program rewarding them by offering a ranking system to encourage proper care of their devices.

Innovative iOS maintaining features

PhoneClean can reclaim huge amounts of space for your iDevices with its advanced iOS maintenance features, helping to free up space that might otherwise remain wasted by clearing out temporary files, junk documents, remnants from incorrectly uninstalled apps, cookies and operating error files that take up space and slow down system performance. Furthermore, its privacy clean feature permanently erases private information such as passwords, account numbers and browsing histories while its security clean feature ensures sensitive data stays safe from hackers.

PhoneClean differs from other iPhone cleaner apps by operating on your PC and being easy to use; all it requires is selecting two buttons to clean up your device in no time! Plus, PhoneClean doesn’t interfere while cleaning.

As part of its season of thanks and savings, iMobie unveils PhoneClean 4 featuring industry-first Silent Clean and top-secure Privacy Clean features to elevate iOS experience to new levels!

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