Plants Vs Zombies Review

Plants vs Zombies is an entertaining strategy game where players control a garden of harmful plants to defend against waves of zombies that come marching toward your house in front of or backyard pool. Players utilize plant varieties like potato mines, jalapeno bombs, pea shooters and cabbage-pults against this zombie invasion. As their hoard approaches your front or backyard pool homestead or house in front yard or pool backyard pool you unleash watermelons, corn butter pelting watermelons on them which cause them keels over or even blood buckets which cause them limb loss!

Cartoonish graphics, B-movie organ soundtrack and quirky gameplay create an irresistibly appealing casual experience in this game. Easy to pick up and play yet challenging to master – new plant types unlock as you advance through the campaign, each with unique advantages and disadvantages.

As with other PopCap games (Bejeweled, Peggle), Plant vs Zombies is a strategic yet casual experience. Simply click the suburban lawn in the upper left corner, place plants you desire on it, and use these against zombie hordes who slowly approach.

Add a turret to your defenses and equip it with weapons designed to attack zombies. Both these items can be purchased from Crazy Dave’s shop for different prices – one typically costs 54 sun points yet provides massive damage against zombies!

Pacing of the campaign and ever-evolving zombie horde are key components to keeping gameplay engaging. Though most levels feature similar basic layout, different plant species, zombies and environments (daylight, darkness, pools or fog) ensure that game stays fresh.

There are even special levels that include new plant and zombie types into the mix – digger zombies can dig their way beneath your garden, catapult zombies can drive vehicles equipped with long-range weapons, while trash-can zombies move slowly but are heavily armored.

Even with some glitches in its multiplayer mode, this title stands out as one of few family-friendly gaming experiences available today. A great time killer, its ability to earn achievements and unlock new game modes provides additional entertainment value; moreover, this version more than deserves its original’s cult following.

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