Plotagon Review

Plotagon makes animation creation simple. It offers an extensive library of actions and emotions for actors to display, plus dialogue translation in any of the supported languages.

The app works similarly on desktops, tablets and phones; although its options for unique videos may be somewhat limited.

Character creation

Plotagon is an animation studio you can carry in the palm of your hand that allows you to easily make animated videos by typing. Its user community is supportive and welcoming; additionally it features an extensive collection of free templates.

Choose from various characters and backgrounds to personalize your video and add voice recordings for an authentic experience. However, please be aware of glitches such as floating heads or characters with only their eyes and teeth visible.

Plotagon, based in Sweden, provides an app that makes 3D animation easy for non-animators. Available both mobile devices and desktop computers alike, mobile versions are free while subscription-based versions like Plotagon Studio may require payment.


Plotagon is an award-winning animation app that puts a powerhouse animation studio right in your hands, easy to use with a strong community that supports all types of films.

This app provides users with a selection of scenes and characters, music and sound effects as well as text-to-speech capabilities enabling them to type a script before watching it come alive as an animated video.

However, this app is limited in some aspects, including not allowing users to create animated characters that can move around scenes. Still, it makes for a good option for anyone wanting to create simple animations quickly; teachers could even use this tool as an effective means of storytelling through video – creating films featuring dialogue scenes interspersed with screen casts of customer relationship management systems as examples of its usage.


Plotagon is an animation program that transforms scripts into animated movies with ease. Students can easily use this simple-to-use program to produce movies with different settings, characters and actions as well as add music or sound effects for their video creations.

Students were introduced to Plotagon and practiced its use through writing a dialogue script about hobbies and sports. Working in pairs, their scripts were then typed up in Plotagon where it corrected any discrepancies in them.

Plotagon is an excellent tool for language arts, social studies and math subjects. Students can create movies showing how to solve a problem or even recreate historical scenes using Plotagon’s wide array of character voices and actions; however it may be challenging for them to select suitable ones.


Plotagon is an animation creation software available both mobile devices and PCs, featuring an easy-to-use platform that enables users to make videos in minutes. They can select characters, scenes and music with simple drop-down menus and modify facial features, hair, clothing as well as emotions or actions for their characters.

This app now includes a feature allowing users to replace computer-generated voices with their own recorded ones, making filmmaking even more engaging for students.

This app supports over 30 languages and includes a voice recorder for digital storytelling assignments and can also be used to make training, marketing and outreach films. Students can use the app to illustrate real stories from history or their personal experiences.

Final Words

Plotagon may not be perfect, but it does boast numerous advantages over other animation tools. It is user-friendly, supports multiple languages, allows the creation of complex scripts and dialogue, allows multiple characters/locations/objects/events/sound effects; all while featuring an impressive sound library.

This tool offers immense potential in the classroom. It is an engaging way for students to bring their writing to life while simultaneously stimulating storytelling and encouraging creative thought.

This research demonstrates that Plotagon is an effective pedagogical tool for English language learners to increase writing production. As evidenced by post-test scores, it also encourages them to employ complex vocabulary and grammar structures while writing.

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