PotPlayer Review


PotPlayer is a free media player offering built-in video editing capabilities and 360o/3D support, as well as 360deg and 3D functionality. Featuring a clean design that works great on desktop computers.

Launch the program, and you will notice a menu-like icon in the lower left corner of its main interface. When clicked, this will reveal a drop-down list with various options for you to select from.


PotPlayer is an advanced video player that delivers exceptional playback performance when it comes to audio and video files. It supports many file formats and subtitle downloads. In addition, this program has advanced controls and options for managing libraries, navigation menus, playback settings and syncing subtitles with video playback automatically.

Utilising the built-in video editing tools, this software allows you to sharpen or blur an image, rotate, mirror, warp, adjust levels and reduce noise levels. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of audio filters including deinterlacing and noise reduction features.

The software features an intuitive and straightforward user interface. You can control it using various hotkeys and personalize its look using various skins. Furthermore, there is a built-in screen capture tool for recording videos or taking screenshots and streaming online video content – supporting 360-degree and 3D videos too!


PotPlayer is an audio/video media player with an array of functionalities that don’t rely on additional codecs and plug-ins, enabling it to provide a wide array of experiences without the need for additional codecs and plug-ins. It is perfect for playback of audio/video files, DVD/Blu-ray media playback, virtual reality viewing experiences, keystroke navigation using keyboard shortcuts and supporting multiple subtitle formats; other notable features include Direct3D9 Ex Flip Mode/Overlay support/overlay support/screenshot function cable of various audio formats compared to similar software offerings from similar products.

Though PotPlayer is a legitimate program, it has also been promoted by dubious adware companies and classified as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA). Due to its intrusive advertising campaigns, which may cause pop-ups or redirections to websites offering dubious services, users should be aware when downloading free programs, opting out of any additional apps, tools, extensions, or features installed automatically during installation. To stay safe when downloading free programs such as PotPlayer users should exercise extreme caution by choosing custom or advanced installation settings while downloading free programs containing such as PotPlayer in particular.


PotPlayer is a free multi-format media player equipped with cutting edge hardware and software acceleration technologies such as CUDA, DXVA and QuickSync to maximize performance with minimal resource usage. Support for various types of 3D glasses provides users with an immersive viewing experience on PC or TV while text subtitles (SMI & SRT), DVD Vobsub support (VOBSUB), ASS/SSA animation support are also supported as well as routing audio between two sound cards for improved video quality.

Like KMPlayer and VLC, this free multimedia player features a modular layout, with options arranged throughout its interface. Right-clicking an interface or system tray icon opens an extensive main menu containing filter/rendering settings, audio/video adjustments, speaker options, as well as filter and rendering settings. Furthermore, unlike some other free multimedia players it does not require manual codec installation for most media file formats, making it ideal for casual as well as power users alike – plus advanced features such as picture-in-picture or frame-by-frame control!


PotPlayer is an impressive media player with many upgraded features, but some fundamental aspects could use improvement – most significantly regarding format support. VLC media player stands out in its support for most video and audio formats and access to additional codecs; furthermore it boasts a user-friendly settings menu as well as more hotkeys that you can take advantage of.

VLC is an ideal option, but unfortunately not available on Mac, which poses a dilemma to users seeking an alternative to PotPlayer. Another possible solution would be downloading Audacious which features an intuitive UI and plenty of features to play music and videos seamlessly.

This program can be downloaded directly from its official website; however, be wary that this software could contain ads or spyware without your knowledge or consent – it is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA). Furthermore, it could collect personal data without your knowledge or approval.

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