PowerDirector – Create Home Movies For Family and Friends


PowerDirector is a video editing software created to assist users in producing home movies for family and friends. The interface is user-friendly and provides beginners and advanced users with useful tools. Furthermore, this program boasts advanced functions designed to further improve video production quality by the program.

PowerDirector offers various file formats and codecs that make movie export easy for viewing on various devices, with video stabilization built-in to reduce shaky footage. Users can add effects like blurring or slow motion for their videos – as well as music, titles, voiceovers etc. to personalize them further.

Photo slideshow creator is another useful tool, enabling users to craft engaging movies out of their photographs. Unlike standard slideshows (one image crossing over into another), users have full control over how their photos are presented by this program; its beat recognition software automatically adjusts their speed according to music being played as background soundtrack.

This software comes equipped with templates for various movie projects, making it easier for you to get your new venture underway without starting from scratch. You can use this program to make movies suitable for viewing on different devices such as smartphones and tablets; then upload to YouTube or Facebook for sharing among family and friends.

This version of PowerDirector has been optimized to work optimally with Intel, NVIDIA, and ATI hardware, providing users with improved rendering effects in the preview window as well as during editing processes. Furthermore, users will have a larger track count on their timeline – nine video tracks and four audio tracks respectively.

Other features include an assortment of power tools to improve the quality of the finished product, such as cropping functions and rotating tools, along with special effects such as tilt shift and mirror image. Furthermore, this program provides users with an audio room which will enable them to edit sound levels as well as add effects like noise removal, normalization and compression for even further work with video footage.

This software features various tools for animating and designing graphics, such as Particle designer and Picture-in-picture designer to give users maximum creative freedom. They can also choose from an assortment of 3D formats to create an immersive virtual reality experience for viewers.

Beginners can access a comprehensive online training resource provided by CyberLink that covers every aspect of PowerDirector. A combination of video and text tutorials are offered, giving users a step-by-step tour through all its features. A live webinar is also provided so users can learn how to maximize the benefits from using PowerDirector.

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