PrivaZer Review

Are You Concerned about Online Privacy or Being Tracked by Ad Companies? PrivaZer is one such tool available that helps remove traces left by PC and applications you use, making this task simpler than ever before.

Every computer stores thousands of obsolete files that reduce performance and expose data to hackers. Furthermore, Windows and software applications leave behind traces of activity on your hard drive in the form of log files, temporary files, image thumbnails and browsing histories that provide third parties access to private information without your knowledge – PrivaZer permanently eliminates these traces and frees up valuable disk space.

This program does an extremely thorough job of cleaning up your computer. It scans all files and folders – including those stored externally such as USB flash drives, MP3 players, iPods as well as NAS servers and network drives – identifies duplicate files in the registry, removes them and provides an intuitive user interface that displays an overview of every type of file which will be deleted as well as giving the option of keeping or removing individual cookies from its list of potential deletes.

PrivaZer is equipped with additional features, such as scheduled cleanings and support for external devices. It can even be used to clean traces from RAM and SSD (solid state drives) as well as from hard disk itself; plus clean registry entries, wipe free disk sectors and eliminate remaining remnants from previous erase operations. However, initial scan and clean operations can take some time depending on how much traces need to be eliminated from a computer system.

Although this program is thorough, it won’t interfere with normal operation. Furthermore, its backup feature lets you restore changes if they become necessary if needed. Moreover, you can use it to optimize Windows by freeing up space on disk or improving performance.

PrivaZer stands out among popular PC cleaners such as CCleaner and SlimCleaner, providing more detailed options to the user on what information should be deleted, while cleaning more carefully, leaving more space after each cleanup session. Furthermore, its portable version allows you to take it anywhere and use it across computers – perfect for keeping on a USB drive between computers! Among PAY software cleaners such as these, PrivaZer stands out. Especially considering it can be downloaded free with options for donations to increase control and functionality – truly making it worth everyone’s consideration! This cleaner deserves to be on everyone’s radar.

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