Proshow Producer

Proshow Producer is a slide show program with more features than most comparable programs, including multiple effects and audio editing capabilities, multiple output formats and styles for handling text, music and other elements in a show. Its timeline-based UI offers multiple tracks for photos and video clips as well as editing media files and adding music via dedicated tracks with wave form displays; you can even blur photos while adjusting brightness, white point, black point contrast hue and saturation settings to customize each show experience.

ProShow Gold and Proshow Producer can both generate DVDs of slide shows that can be watched using any standard computer DVD player. ProShow uses special files with the extension.psh that contain specifications and media files related to each slide show included on a DVD disc, creating separate folders for each one on it. However, creating these DVDs can take some time as each time their slide show must be rendered again for viewing.

Video clips can easily be integrated into slides using most slide show software, with some limited adjustments available through this platform. More advanced adjustments may require third-party image and video editing software; otherwise, these types of media files are treated like regular slides and presented sequentially alongside images.

Proshow Producer stands out from similar programs by offering the unique capability of creating a “safe zone” around photos or images on screen, which serves to reduce the chance of important details being cut off when magnified for viewing on larger TV screens. This feature makes slideshow presentations suitable for most television sets.

Proshow Producer provides several preset options for creating output video files, which can be opened by either clicking an icon on the tool bar or selecting from Publish > Video for Web, Devices and Computers from the drop-down menu. These presets include MPEG-4 output resolutions of 1920×1080 and 1280×720 that can be saved and reused if preferred.

ProShow Presenter plug-in for web browsers provides high-quality video presentations when used to present presentations that will be seen on a computer, though special software must be installed beforehand and care should be taken when installing such products.

ProShow Gold and Proshow Producer both feature settings to lower the main slide show soundtrack volume when an audio clip from a slide show is playing. You can adjust these volumes in the slide sound screen as well as the level of anti-flickering and desaturation, helping ensure that its soundtrack won’t become lost amid other sounds during DVD creation; however this may reduce quality overall if set at high values for use on television screens.

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