QQ Player Review

QQ Player is an efficient software program created to allow you to enjoy all your media files on your computer without the need for external codex packages. Furthermore, QQ Player enables users to take snapshots during movies as well as increase sound volume up to 1000%!

Create a list of favorite files, enabling quick access to those you use the most frequently, shortening loading and viewing videos significantly. Furthermore, this program will remember where you left off watching an file so it can resume playing at that same point in case you change your mind about watching later; plus it erases playing histories to protect your privacy.

This software is easy to use, with an interface similar to any standard media player. But its vast collection of tools sets it apart: such as being able to repeat certain songs within a playlist multiple times without restarting it or playing one file multiple times at a time; adjust audio and video settings, change keyboard shortcuts, set default video/audio codecs online and download and install subtitles; create folders to organize files by type; etc.

Another exciting feature is the built-in converter’s ability to transform any video file into 3D; this function is particularly helpful if you own a 3D TV and wish to watch all your favorite films in this extraordinary format. Furthermore, this program can even convert 2D films into 3D with just the click of a button!

Furthermore, this app is highly lightweight and uses minimal system resources – another benefit which ensures it won’t slow down your computer or make it run slower than usual. Furthermore, the program works on all Android devices including tablets.

Use this application to transfer videos and music onto your IPad/iPhone wirelessly using WIFI technology without needing cables or adaptors – great if you have lots of music on your computer that you would rather transfer directly instead of store on device!

This program also makes it simple and convenient to transfer photos and videos between your iPad or iPhone and PC/Mac, providing all your memories in one convenient place. In addition, you can watch live television and listen to radio on your device provided the files are of an accepted format.

This multimedia player is an ideal solution for those seeking a lightweight yet easy-to-use solution that delivers all the most popular media functions, all while remaining free to download and use without any additional plugins or payments required for additional features.

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