SEO SpyGlass Review

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is an SEO backlink checker and analysis tool, that uncovers competitors’ link building secrets. Its tools allow you to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate more traffic.

SearchSpyTM quickly finds all backlinks pointing to a website, runs anti-Penguin audits to remove harmful links, generates customizable reports with clear information and works seamlessly from behind proxies.

Keyword research

SEO Spyglass, part of Link-Assistant SEO PowerSuite, helps users manage one of the time-consuming aspects of backlink research efficiently and quickly. The software recognizes competitors’ links while finding high-quality opportunities that could boost your site’s rank – it even warns against potentially spammy backlinks that could get your penalized by Google!

This software can reveal a website’s entire backlink structure, including its number, quality, diversity and source. Furthermore, it can identify keywords driving organic traffic to competitor sites while simultaneously providing you with opportunities for your own website.

This software can also identify the exact age of each website that links to your competitors, a feature which is key as search engines such as Google and Yahoo! tend to give ranking increases for established and authoritative sites. Furthermore, the software allows you to develop an efficient link-building strategy by identifying popular and high-volume keywords.

Backlink analysis

SEO SpyGlass’s backlink analysis tool is a powerful asset, giving you insight into competitors’ strategies. It enables you to identify valuable backlinks for your site and discover ways to acquire them; plus it prevents spammy links from harming search engine rankings with just one click disavowal!

Utilizing this tool, you can generate a backlink profile for any domain or URL. Simply enter its domain, subdomains or exact URL and choose whether Domain Only, Subdomains or Exact URL is desired – after a few minutes all data will have been compiled into your project!

Once selected, backlinks can be analyzed for their strength, number and quality. Furthermore, you can compare your backlinks against those of competitors and identify which are driving traffic most effectively – providing valuable insight for building an effective link-building strategy – particularly useful for small businesses, local firms and online-only stores.

Competitor analysis

SEO SpyGlass allows you to quickly identify the strategies your competitors are employing in order to rank higher in search results. This tool uses various sources of backlink data to produce competitive analysis reports and facilitates easy understanding of their strategies as well as creating your own tactics – an indispensable resource for digital marketers, website owners, and marketing companies alike.

SEO SpyGlass features an expansive database of over 2 trillion backlinks and offers information on their quality, diversity, origin, age and more. The software also helps users identify relevant keywords with search volume comparison as well as showing when each backlink was established and whether or not it brought traffic to rival websites.

Other features of LinkAssistant include searching for duplicate content and the identification of profitable keyword phrases, while running on Windows XP, Mac or Linux smoothly without issues. Plus it works seamlessly with the other tools in SEO PowerSuite such as Rank Tracker and LinkAssistant!

Bulk analysis

Digital marketers and SEO professionals will appreciate SEO SpyGlass’ bulk analysis feature, which allows for rapid analysis of backlinks across a large number of domains and backlinks, providing quality metrics to determine whether certain links are aiding or hindering search engine rankings.

Enter any website URL into our software’s backlink analyzer and it will give a comprehensive breakdown of its backlink profile, including their list of referring domains and anchor text links. With this data at hand, you can use it to improve your own website or identify opportunities to obtain high-quality links from competitors, reduce penalty risk and avoid low-quality websites that link back. It even supports working from behind proxies while filtering out unwanted backlinks – plus there’s even an optional tool which helps identify keywords with high search volumes and competition so you can focus on them while creating SEO strategies!

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