Shareaza Review – A Review of the Shareaza P2P Client


Shareaza is an open source P2P file-sharing program that connects to BitTorrent, eDonkey and both Gnutella networks, giving access to an extensive range of multimedia files. Once installed, this beautiful-designed client is ready to search multiple networks immediately without the need for complex plug-ins; its preview feature makes it easier than ever before to avoid downloading music or video tracks that weren’t what you were searching for!

Shareaza stands out from many popular P2P programs because it is completely spyware-free and requires no registration to start downloading quickly after installation. Plus, its user-friendly interface means downloading will start instantly!

Shareaza offers another attractive feature – its ability to be customized. Most parts of its GUI can be altered, such as bars and icons; additionally, all language files used by Shareaza can be updated easily without needing to compile an entire binary.

Shareaza is not only powerful, but it is also reliable. Utilizing minimal resources during operation makes it a good option for older computers and its connection test tool can ensure you achieve optimal speeds.

One of the great features of Shareaza is that it enables you to simultaneously access four networks – making downloading from various sources more likely and increasing the odds that you find what you need faster than with just one network client.

The program features a queue balancing subnet which speeds up file transfers by decreasing waiting time for files. This feature is essential in maintaining smooth computer performance by avoiding slowdowns or shutdowns of your system.

Shareaza offers another advantage by automatically checking for virus-free files – this feature can protect you from executable files that often contain viruses. Nevertheless, to remain safe you should always employ a virus scanner for extra peace of mind.

Shareaza is designed for simplicity, using minimal resources while being relatively fast for its size. Ideal for users seeking to download multiple files at the same time ranging from movies and music albums, apps, games and much more, Shareaza makes the download experience fast, simple, safe and reliable.

One drawback of Shareaza is its limited control over settings compared to programs such as uTorrent. While this may be problematic for some users, its developer team is working on making its core app OS independent as much as possible. For more information visit the Shareaza Forums or FAQ section where common questions about the program can be answered quickly; those seeking an in-depth look into its workings should read up on its manual as well.

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