Skillshare Artists Use Procreate to Elevate Their Drawings to the Next Level

Procreate is an iPad and iPhone art app designed to bring professional-level drawings from artists on Skillshare. With powerful features and regular updates, this powerful digital art suite helps them craft everything from botanical sketches and hand lettering digital art, colorful landscapes and fabric patterns – to dreamy botanical drawings!

Procreate is packed with creative essentials used by professionals, from layers with full blend modes and transform, warp, layer masks and selections to transformation, warp, layer masks and selections. Furthermore, its accessibility features make Procreate one of the most accessible digital art apps out there.

Procreate makes creating stunning typography easy with its built-in font settings and text controls, including font size adjustments, editing kerning/tracking parameters, using custom fonts imported into your library and more. Furthermore, with Vector Text features like scaling/rotating/color adjusting you can ensure maximum design impact in every piece of typographic art you produce.

Are you looking to take your drawing skills to the next level? Procreate offers numerous built-in tutorials designed to teach users how to best leverage its tools and features – and apply what you learn in future projects and designs.

There are plenty of resources online to assist with learning Procreate, from tutorial videos and online courses that teach how to best utilize its tools, as well as tips and tricks on using certain features. You can even transfer files between Procreate and desktop editing applications like Adobe Photoshop via Airdrop!

Once a project is finished, Procreate allows you to either share it directly within Procreate or export a time-lapse process video so viewers can watch how your image was made. This latter option is especially helpful if working on something time consuming – followers would enjoy seeing its creation process unfold!

Procreate offers another handy feature in its ability to automatically generate high-resolution JPEG or PNG files of your artwork with transparent backgrounds – perfect for posting to Instagram or other social media platforms.

Procreate’s animation tools can add life and movement to your artwork by creating a timeline for frames that you want to move and adjust their order, playback speed and frames per second until creating the animation of your dreams!

Procreate’s user interface (UI) may be tricky for beginners to use, so it is highly advised that they take time to watch an official tutorial or read through its digital handbook before diving in. Furthermore, this app comes equipped with a QuickMenu that can be activated with just a swipe gesture to quickly access all your preferred settings; up to six different actions can be added as actions within this feature for quick access when drawing.

Procreate comes equipped with hundreds of brushes, but there are additional ones you can download from various sources on the App Store. In addition, you can edit each brush by editing its settings in the Brush Library: how its shape, spacing and colors mix when wetted together are modified; there are even options to fine-tune details like streamlining for smoother line work.

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