SopCast Review

Sopcast is free software that turns your computer into a real TV, allowing you to access television channels from around the world without satellite or cable boxes. By employing P2P (peer to peer) technology similar to file sharing programs like BitTorrent, Sopcast creates a network where users broadcast live video feeds while other users tune in and watch them – providing an alternative approach that offers features not available in traditional centralized streaming products.

When running this program on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Android operating systems, the first thing to do when starting up is creating an account, either anonymously or with an email address of your choosing. After signing in to your account, a list of available channels that are currently broadcasting live is shown for you to select from; you may also select your country of choice or filter by type (news, movies or sports etc).

Clicking a channel opens a video screen, with its quality being examined before starting to play the station that was chosen. Quality can vary significantly depending on who broadcasts it; some stations provide excellent streams while others may have subpar buffering time and quality.

Sopcast offers another interesting feature – adding your own channels and broadcasting them out to other users – from its settings menu or entering an URL from the internet. While its user-friendliness makes this application excellent, its occasional insistence that you log in upon startup may prove bothersome.

Comparative to TVAnts, Sopcast offers more features that make it a better option for most users. Notably, Sopcast allows users to add their own channels while boasting an international selection of TV stations that is greater than TVAnts’ heavy emphasis on Chinese channels.

SopCast can easily traverse firewalls and NAT, requires minimal CPU/memory load, offers end-to-end security and more – making it an excellent alternative to traditional television for travel or work purposes. SopCast allows you to stream programs while in another room than where your home TV is. It’s an ideal way to replace your traditional television set and stay informed on news and sports events happening globally – perfect for binge watching live sports and TV! Additionally, SopCast is completely legal; not being a torrenting program means no worries with getting into trouble with internet providers! So give it a go and give SopCast a try today!

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