The Cleaner – A Review

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The Cleaner is an intriguing little series that deserves more airtime and recognition. Based loosely on German series Der Tatortreiniger (Crime Scene Cleaner), it stars Greg Davies as Paul “Wicky” Wickstead, an FBI-certified cleaning technician tasked with clearing away blood, body fluids and signs of violent death from crime scenes after police have completed their investigative work – often meeting interesting characters along the way such as family of victims or even murderers themselves! Along the way. Wicky comes across some unique characters such as friends / relatives or even killers themselves!

While this series isn’t particularly complex or deep, it is frequently entertaining and strikes an effective balance between violence and more poignant moments of character development. Furthermore, Helena Bonham Carter shines as Sheila, one of Wicky’s murder victim suspects who becomes something of an antagonist to him in later episodes. Additionally, this series begins when Wicky arrives at an suburban crime scene that becomes complicated when an officious neighbour and murderer both turn up with issues to address.

What sets The Cleaner apart is its ability to defy expectations. By playing with genre conventions and inverting typical tropes associated with murder mysteries, The Cleaner makes for an engaging watch – an especially welcome change from some of the more overwrought television crime dramas currently airing on our screens.

It’s no surprise that The Cleaner would appeal to fans of John Wick and Hotline Miami, with its simple style and no-frills gameplay. There is plenty of shooting and explosions, but also moments of balletic violence as the player threads their way through a cloud of bullets to effortlessly kill three people within two seconds.

The Cleaner may not be one of the funniest comedies available today, but it provides an interesting and original take on professional murder cleaners’ lives and will be exciting to follow as it unfolds over its episodes. Well worth checking out; available to stream now across major digital platforms (not recommended for kids); contains some violent content and strong language (ESRB rating: 13+).

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