Tidal Shifts Gears With New Artist Home Portal


Tidal is one of the leading music streaming services, boasting some of the best audio quality available and editorial and video content. Furthermore, Tidal has built up a strong reputation among artists for supporting them better remuneration than other platforms; Tidal remains dedicated to these principles and strives towards its goal of providing musicians and their fans with an enhanced experience.

Tidal made waves when Jay Z launched it on stage with Madonna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Jack White in New York in 2015. Tidal gained immediate traction as an audio streaming service that offered superior audio quality at fair economic terms for creators. While Apple and Spotify began penetrating the market with similar offers like podcast interviews featuring rising artists or playlists with them; Tidal focused on artist-centric initiatives like Tidal X concerts at Roc Nation festivals to gain momentum and attract subscribers.

Artist Home, TIDAL’s creator portal that gives creators tools to manage and foster relationships with TIDAL, may signal a shift. While most managers, industry figures, and artists Billboard interviewed about TIDAL were unaware of its new artist-centric strategy, TIDAL claims it as essential evolution that will create the next generation of digital music leaders.

TIDAL has always been focused on supporting artists, but now is truly artist-centric platform offering direct financial assistance and tools that allow musicians and their teams to manage their careers and brand. “The aim is to give talent as much control over their destiny,” according to Jason Kpana, Senior V.P. of Artist and Label Relations at TIDAL.

TIDAL Creator Portal was designed to give creators access to social media accounts and websites of their choosing, create private playlists and invite members of their teams to collaborate on TIDAL. Furthermore, creators can upload music tracks into a library of over four million tracks that offer streaming and downloads at higher quality than usual CDs – as well as creating exclusive content such as streaming concerts or ad-free radio stations exclusively available via TIDAL.

Tidal stands out among music streaming services by offering high-quality sound and an expansive selection of recommended listening. Its Discover tab showcases emerging acts while Hits and Classics sections contain classic tunes from days gone by. Unfortunately, Tidal lacks DJ software integration – something which may displease some listeners; regardless, Tidal offers a great way to discover music from all genres, including those you may have been missing out on before! Sign up for your 30-day trial to discover something great today.

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