Top 5 Adobe Muse Templates

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is an effective design platform that makes creating adaptable websites easy and works well with other Adobe programs, yet Adobe recently stopped providing technical support for Muse in 2020.

Vev is a fantastic alternative to Adobe Muse, enabling real-time collaboration among colleagues while offering many advanced features. Easy to use and offering numerous add-ons for additional customization options, Vev provides the best solution available today.


If you want to create a visually stunning website, finding an Adobe Muse template that sparks your artistic mind without distracting from it can be challenging. SOLID is an extremely flexible Adobe Muse template which does just that and offers high degrees of customizability for personal customization purposes.

Muse is a drag-and-drop program from Adobe that enables users to build websites without writing code. It is very user-friendly and familiar for web designers who already use other Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop.


KIWI is a responsive and modern website template, packed with customizable widgets for blogging, eCommerce, galleries and more. Additionally, its intuitive user interface and powerful drag-and-drop page builder make KIWI an excellent solution for freelancers or digital agencies looking to expand their business to new heights.

Adobe Muse makes it easy to organize and reuse page elements such as images, color swatches, guides, customized widgets and embedded HTML. You can use the Library panel to place assets as either linked or copied items – linked assets link back to their original asset in Creative Cloud Library automatically when they are modified; copied assets don’t update when their counterpart changes in Creative Cloud Library.

Muse is unlike most site-building tools in that it allows users to work offline without an internet connection. Its user interface will be familiar to professional designers familiar with other Adobe products or graphics software; however, newcomers may take time getting acquainted with this tool.


ALEX is a creative Adobe Muse template that makes website creation quick and simple without needing to write code. Suitable for web designers, graphic artists, freelancers, illustrators etc. it makes creating websites without writing code a snap. It is fully responsive too so perfect for use by web designers, graphic artists freelancers illustrators etc.

Adobe Muse is a free website designing software with all of the essential elements a professional needs for creating an effective site. In addition, it includes features that enable users to easily modify and animate their sites.

Adobe Muse makes collaboration easy by enabling users to work with specific individuals and share private folders, enabling multiple people to edit, view, rename and move files in real-time as they collaborate and form teams. Furthermore, its widgets can be customized for adding special features to websites.


Smash is an Adobe Muse template you can use to build websites for any type of business, with three preloaded themes such as personal creative, agency and landing app – making editing simple without needing any prior coding knowledge.

This program works seamlessly with Adobe Typekit to give you access to a comprehensive library of fonts. Furthermore, its responsive design automatically adapts to fit any screen size; however, there’s no integrated mobile design; therefore you must develop an alternate mobile website version separately.

Adobe Muse’s collaborative feature makes it possible to work on projects together with other users, by sharing workspaces, projects, hosting accounts and plugins. You can even build custom components like buttons, modals and charts using this collaborative functionality.


RITLA is an Adobe Muse template tailored for creative agencies, freelancers and IT companies. Featuring an eye-catching full-screen background image and stunning front/inner pages along with an operational contact form – plus being fully adjustable making customization to suit any business easy!

Muse is a website builder designed specifically for professional designers to quickly and efficiently design websites without writing any code. Available through Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plans, Muse makes website creation effortless for designers.

Adobe Muse makes it possible to quickly and easily create responsive websites for any screen size and browser, interactive presentations, infographics and landing pages – plus animations using its extensive library of add-ons – making the platform user-friendly and accessible even to those without experience using Adobe products or similar graphic software.

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