Torch Browser Review

Torch Browser is an innovative software program that combines powerful browsing abilities with media downloading and social media sharing features. Based on Google’s Chromium technology platform, this browser is optimized to work well with torrents, downloads, video/music files and other multimedia content – an ideal solution for heavy users of online media.

This program contains a torrent client that makes downloading multiple file types effortless, as well as a media grabber to store videos and audio files directly on their computers without additional programs being necessary. Users can access online games as well as chat on popular social networking websites with ease, all while increasing concurrent connections used.

Torch Browser’s built-in tools give users an extra layer of protection from malware and phishing while browsing the web, as well as organizing and automating tasks with its Task Manager and password storage wallet. Furthermore, it automatically updates drivers, cleans out junk from hard drives, optimizes performance, and can store passwords safely – providing peace of mind as users browse online.

Once installed, users have the freedom to customize the look and feel of their browser by choosing from various themes and skins available for selection. They may also create their own background to further personalize its appearance. Furthermore, its search tool makes finding information and resources quickly easy while its bookmark feature enables future reference.

Torch Browser can be installed on both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, and once installed can be launched by either clicking its dock icon or desktop icon. Once launched, Torch can import bookmarks from current browsers as well as set itself as default browser; display clock on desktop; show or hide dock bottom panel and provide up to eight concurrent connections when downloading files.

Torch browser goes beyond media features to offer advanced security measures that can detect phishing and malware attacks, detect pop-up ads before they appear and automatically update antivirus definitions as required – including adding any necessary new ones when needed – plus include video conversion capabilities for various formats.

Torch Browser can be downloaded for free from its official website, though certain anti-virus and firewall applications can block its operation, so before beginning use it’s wise to temporarily disable them before beginning browsing. In case any issues arise with using it, contact Torch Technologies’ tech support team – they are available around-the-clock and offer answers and solutions to questions and issues regarding user experiences – their tech support team provides 24-hour technical assistance as well as having an extensive FAQ page as well as live chat for further assistance.

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