TranslucentTB Review


Windows taskbars are integral parts of Windows for many users, offering quick access to applications pinned there, Start menu, Cortana, and often used to switch open programs. Unfortunately, it lacks much in terms of customization options – with themes providing the only change possible; but Charles Milette’s TranslucentTB program offers additional customization features which make the taskbar look less like its default Windows appearance.

TranslucentTB is a free and open source application that makes it possible to customize the appearance of the taskbar in various ways. You can adjust its transparency level as well as its background color and opacity in various system tray icons. Furthermore, TranslucentTB allows you to set transitions for events like maximising windows, opening Start menus or activating Cortana activation for seamless system transformation with minimal effort required! TranslucentTB’s software gives your Windows system a whole new look!

This application is straightforward to use, requiring no installation whatsoever. Simply extracting its ZIP file can get it running. Furthermore, multiple monitors systems work perfectly with this software application as its user-friendly interface features three options for toggling transparency effect toggled, blurring background or exiting program from its system tray icon.

With a right-click on any icon, a context menu opens that provides you with access to different settings. Opacity of taskbar can be adjusted using sliders while two transparency levels – 50% and 75% are offered by this program. Furthermore, an option exists to hide pinned icons for an uncluttered workspace experience.

Other features include a color picker window which displays an ombre coloured graph to help select an ideal gradient for your background. Furthermore, this program includes both normal and dynamic options to change how taskbar looks dynamically depending on conditions such as being maximized window size; Start Menu or Cortana Openness; Timeline or Task View Opening etc.

It contains no malware, spyware or viruses and is safe to install. With its GNU GPLv3 license and “Open at Boot” feature, this application makes a great solution for users who don’t wish to manually make changes to their OS’s configuration manually. Furthermore, its lightweight nature means only using few megabytes of memory and minimal CPU cycles during its operation – although some security programs may identify it as malicious; you can check its safety by scanning VirusTotal which provides detailed features descriptions as well as screenshots demonstrating its appearance on desktop PCs.

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