Tubi Review


Tubi, owned by Fox since 2020, is an ad-supported streaming service with a vast library of movies and television shows. Users can register a free account to stream any movie or show without ads; premium paid subscription plans feature reduced ads with access to higher-quality videos.

Tubi can be found across numerous platforms, from its own website to an iOS/Android mobile phone and tablet app that works with Chromecast devices; there are also apps for Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung, LG and Sony smart televisions; additionally the app may even come included on some cable systems like Comcast Xfinity X1 or Cox Contour systems.

Tubi stands out among competing streaming services for its extensive library, boasting more than 100,000 movies and TV shows from independent, foreign, and premium film genres. Furthermore, this free service features original content produced directly by Tubi itself – unlike its counterparts who typically purchase or license their content from distributors.

Tubi does not require a subscription; users simply sign in via Facebook or Google to start watching videos for free. However, creating an account enables seamless video watching across any device you own as well as queue creation and receiving recommendations based on viewing habits based on past preferences – making this feature especially handy if you own multiple devices, like laptop, phone and TV sets.

Tubi stands out among free streaming services with less intrusive ad breaks that don’t appear every five minutes – this could be welcome relief to users frustrated with other services’ frequent interruptions. Unfortunately, 4K video isn’t offered here but most older movies and TV shows can still be streamed at HD quality with minimal interruptions.

Tubi offers a vast library of movies and TV shows, and has recently extended their selection with the introduction of Tubi Originals films produced exclusively for them by Tubi Studios and planned to release more in the future. They also provide family-friendly options compliant with COPPA so parents can set parental controls for their children’s accounts with 24 hour effectivity for these settings to take effect.

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