TutuApp Review – A Review of the TutuApp App Store


TutuApp is an extensive, secure and free third-party app store for both iOS and Android devices that hosts custom applications and games that would otherwise be blocked by Apple.

As well as working without needing jailbreak or root, and boasting SSL encryption for secure downloads, the app can also be installed on both iOS and Android devices, desktop computers running an Android emulator and virtualized computers running an Android emulator.

It is safe

TutuApp is completely safe for iOS users. As the app doesn’t require an Apple ID to install, tracking can’t take place and voiding warranties won’t happen either. In addition, rooting or jailbreaking are not required – meaning Apple security protocols won’t be breached either! Its developers update it frequently with SSL encryption to safeguard data security – our tests revealed no viruses or malware present – never was found compromising device security!

Android devices are also safe to install applications from unknown sources if they’re allowed in Settings/Security > “Allow from this source”. To do this, navigate to the Security menu in the settings and enable “Allow from this source”.

TutuApp has become immensely popular due to its ability to download and run premium games and apps for free. Though not as secure as Apple’s App Store, TutuApp still remains very simple and won’t cause any harm – plus it offers additional features unavailable through Apple.

It is easy to use

TutuApp provides an effective and safe means of downloading thousands of modified apps, mods and hacked games for iOS and Android devices. No jailbreak or root required – its team monitors it regularly to ensure your device’s protection while its SSL encryption protects data privacy.

The interface is user-friendly and offers many features. There are five primary categories – Home, Games, Apps, Charts and Manager – making it easier to locate apps and games you need quickly. Furthermore, exclusive game downloads may even be available here that cannot be found elsewhere on the official store.

If you want more from TutuApp, consider upgrading to the VIP version at a nominal fee for faster downloads, no ads and more exclusive content. Plus, this VIP version can even be linked with your desktop account!

It is free

TutuApp App Store is a free third-party store offering modified versions of popular apps on both iOS and Android devices, and works well for downloading games as well. Some popular TutuApp apps include Spotify Premium content, VPN programs, memory optimizer apps and memory boosters – however it should be noted that installing apps from third party sources could cause security concerns due to Apple software’s attempts at protecting devices against malware downloads and installation.

TutuApp is one of the leading third-party app stores, offering exclusive apps for both iOS and Android devices. This marketplace boasts modified apps, emulators, tweaks that you won’t find in official App Store. Plus it’s completely free – no jailbreaking or root required to use. To install an app simply visit its website and follow their instructions; trusting developer enterprise certificates is normal but should take only days!

It is secure

TutuApp is completely safe to use and free of malware, with its developers regularly testing it and SSL encryption securing all downloads. Plus, its installation does not require jailbreaking or rooting your device, ensuring no compromise of security or voided warranties!

TutuApp may pose some risk to Apple users who install it; since it is an unofficial app and uses expired enterprise certificates that expire regularly, TutuApp could expose your device to malware infection and expose your private data to third parties.

However, this issue can be remedied by altering your device’s security settings and activating “Unknown Sources.” Once done, TutuApp should start functioning normally; should any issues arise afterward please reach out to TutuApp’s support team to quickly resolve them as quickly as possible without ever asking you for your Apple ID or password details.

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