UltraISO Review


UltraISO is a free program available for Windows computers that enables users to open disk ‘images’ – virtual versions of physical CDs or DVDs – in order to gain access to their contents without physically inserting it in a CD drive, providing convenient storage solutions and sharing capabilities.

This software comes in an accessible package, making it relatively straightforward to use. Just drag and drop an image file onto the main window before selecting what action should be taken on it – from creating bootable CDs and ISO conversion to extracting files or folders from images, or turning an entire one into one file, depending on your requirements.

UltraISO can also come in handy for gaming. When your game requires the presence of disc, UltraISO can mount it as a virtual drive that you can access from the “Tools” menu and begin playing immediately or installing it onto your hard disk.

UltraISO may seem similar to other programs that can do the same task, such as DAEMON Tools, IMGBurn and Rufus; the main difference being its additional functions such as editing hard disk files to ISO format conversion.

This feature makes the program especially flexible and useful, enabling you to make all kinds of modifications to disk images quickly and convert them to different formats quickly. Furthermore, shell document type integration and access through right-click menu support make this program very user friendly.

Another useful aspect of the software is its capability of recording images onto flash drives, making this an invaluable asset when installing operating systems or other large software packages. To do this, a flash drive with at least 4GB memory capacity and FAT32 file system must be available – once this is accomplished you simply click on the Record Image button within the program window to begin recording an image file.

UltraISO is an effective tool for handling image files, but it has some restrictions that prevent you from writing information directly onto physical disks with it (since it wasn’t meant for that purpose). Instead, dedicated pieces of software that provide exactly the services that you require may be more suitable.

Overall, UltraISO is an impressive piece of software that can help you do so much with ISO images. Considering its free nature and support across Windows versions, UltraISO should definitely be given a try – simply be mindful of its limitations for optimal use! If it suits you well enough, full premium version from its developer may also be purchased if desired.

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