UTunnel Secure Access Review

UTunnel Secure Access is a cloud-based VPN and Zero Trust Network Access solution, enabling businesses to securely connect remote business networks while protecting critical applications. Available as desktop and mobile applications for Windows, macOS Linux Android iOS.

Software from IntuiT provides enterprises with tools to safeguard sensitive data, connect multiple devices seamlessly and increase productivity with lightning-fast performance. Its commitment to high-tech encryption protocols safeguards users against ever-evolving cyber threats in today’s dynamic digital environment.

To address security challenges and keep employees connected, UTunnel offers a suite of solutions including VPN, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Mesh Networking. ZTNA helps organizations quickly connect remote business networks to corporate resources regardless of device location; while VPN provides employees an easy way to secure connect to company or third-party VPN servers.

UTunnel provides users with an anonymous online experience by hiding their IP addresses, keeping their identities protected while making use of public Wi-Fi networks more secure against cyberattacks and tracking from advertisers or other malicious parties. Furthermore, its connection protection feature gives peace of mind knowing their personal and professional data are secure when working from home or traveling overseas.

As a full-service provider, UTunnel assists clients in efficiently and easily managing their IT infrastructure with its self-service portal that enables them to monitor the status of their servers. They can track bandwidth usage, set quotas and configure settings for any VPN server location they choose – with automatic backups and restores that ensure users enjoy consistent experiences across their account.

UTunnel stands out from its competition with its user-friendly dashboard. Users can easily view user logins, VPN sessions and connection history as well as enable or disable logging to tailor how much monitoring they require – an especially valuable feature for organizations looking to monitor employee activities.

UTunnel offers various plans and pricing structures designed to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, from its monthly billing option for organizations looking for flexibility to its 14-day risk-free trial for those wanting a closer look before making their decision.

DigitalOcean makes the deployment of cloud servers fast and straightforward thanks to integrations with leading IaaS providers such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, Hetzner Linode Kamatera and UpCloud. Through this feature, enterprises can select their preferred server from 30+ global locations within just one click; additionally this solution also allows businesses to select an instance type and data center location of their cloud server before starting up the service.

UTunnel employs ultra-secure 256 bit AES encryption in all communications, as well as Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication and Team-Based Access Control features for enterprise customers. Depending on which plan customers select, IKEv2 IPSec or OpenVPN (UDP or TCP) could also be available as connection protocols.

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