Ventoy Review

Ventoy is a free software application designed to make creating bootable USB flash drives for Linux distributions quick and easy. Simply copy multiple ISO files onto one USB drive, format it with Rufus as needed, and boot from any of them – without needing extra tools like Rufus! Plus it even supports both legacy BIOS systems as well as modern UEFI systems!

Start using Ventoy by first making sure your USB drive can accommodate multiple operating systems (ideally 32GBs), downloading and installing its open-source tool from its website or Github page, connecting your drive, selecting it in Ventoy’s main window, clicking install, then selecting install again to begin multibooting it – without overwriting any existing files but instead creating a separate partition with all OS images and bootloader files on it.

Once a partition has been created, you can copy as many ISO, WIM, IMG, VHD(x) or EFI files onto it as you’d like and Ventoy will provide a boot menu from which to select them. Furthermore, Ventoy supports multibooting on both BIOS and UEFI systems and updates without reformatting your USB drive.

Ventoy offers more than multiboot functionality; it also comes equipped with some unique features that set it apart from its counterparts. For instance, its persistence feature makes it the go-to multibooting tool. Furthermore, it supports various Linux distributions as well as updating firmware so it runs on newer, more secure systems.

Ventoy stands out among other free multibooting tools by being both quick and comprehensive in creating multiboot USBs in minutes, working across BIOS/UEFI systems as well as many Linux distributions that share kernels.

Ventoy is an easy, free, and powerful multibooting tool worth taking a closer look at if you’re searching for one! It supports multiple operating systems from USB drives with ease while being simpler than similar programs such as Rufus in terms of usability – helping you boot into any new Linux distribution quickly! Give it a try to see what your experience with it brings!

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