Video Astronomy and Deep Sky Imaging


HyperCam is an impressive and flexible program for recording movie clips of Windows screen activity with sound captured from your system microphone, perfect for software presentations, tutorials, demo clips and demos. Furthermore, HyperCam’s recording function also records computer mouse movements and clicks; an essential feature for software developers who need automated demos or training videos created quickly and effortlessly.

This application offers a stylish yet compact interface that minimizes to the Taskbar with an impressive control set. The menu bar provides quick access to key features like starting and stopping recording as well as locking any part of the screen view. In addition, you can select your destination folder for the recorded file, its frame rate and compression quality before you begin recording. Finally, clicking on Options opens a second colorful and stylish dialog box where Video, Audio and Interface settings can be configured – as well as additional features like adding text recordings as well as increasing mouse cursor movements for better visibility or increased clicking sounds!

HyperCam is unique in that it does not require any special hardware to use it effectively, making it suitable for multiple kinds of users ranging from engineers and programmers to gamers and gamers. Engineers may use it quickly create quality videos of Windows applications while gamers record gameplay sessions before uploading them to Twitch or YouTube.

HyperCam is designed to be versatile, yet its specialty lies in video astronomy and deep-sky imaging. With high resolution and sensitivity that’s suitable for this kind of work, amp glow reduction technology helps eliminate background light while telescope compatibility varies across telescope types – and with optional Hypercam lens adapters making mounting DSLR lenses and other optical attachments straightforward.

The camera is extremely easy to use, and its trigger capabilities make long exposure photography easier than ever before. While regular video mode requires you to wait until the camera completes a full frame before accepting commands, Trigger Mode gives you instantaneous stopping capabilities even mid-exposure allowing you to instantly stop (even mid-exposure!) and reset parameters – an invaluable asset when trying to capture an ideal time-lapse of a meteor shower or long deep sky imaging session.

HyperCam isn’t compatible with Mac OS, but there are still plenty of excellent alternatives that provide similar functionality – Snagit and Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder offer similar services and include the capability of capturing mouse cursor movements. For advanced features, try paid programs such as Camtasia Studio or AMCap; all can capture audio/video as well as offer editing features; Camtasia Studio can even allow you to create animated screencasts featuring customizable characters and effects!

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