War Thunder Updates Revealed

War Thunder is an expansive free-to-play, cross-platform MMO military game offering flight, armoured vehicles and naval combat from early 20th century up through modern combat units. Join millions of players around the globe as you battle with military aviation and ground battles! A unique blend of arcade action and realistic simulator awaits.

War Thunder immerses players into an expansive real-time combat world where aircraft, attack helicopters, ground forces, and sea vehicles collaborate seamlessly in real time to tackle an array of battle situations. The game boasts over 2000 highly detailed aircraft, ground vehicles, sea vessels, created from historical documents and surviving sources. Plus 100 maps showcasing key battle theaters give them the opportunity to join major land, air, and sea battles!

War Thunder offers both an impressive level of realism and an extensive variety of playable vehicles, drawing on many years of service to or studies of military technology from its massive fan base – which includes both those actively serving in or studying it, or simply passionate enthusiasts of military technology. But that realism may lead to heated discussions within player communities and, occasionally, leaks of restricted information, as was recently witnessed with War Thunder Discord leak.

Gaijin Entertainment is continually working on improving their game, and the latest update adds new eras and numerous improvements for ground and air combat. Notably, this update adds a brand-new stage based on Bastogne in December 1944 where players can compete as or against the legendary German Panzer IVb – another addition for air arcade mode includes top-tier Japanese battleship RN Conte di Cavour as well as Guiana Highlands map for air warfare!

Notable changes include the addition of a Chinese helicopter tech tree, new models for tank crews in Japan and Sweden, an aircraft engine fire extinguisher mechanic, as well as enhanced visual effects when destroying ground or naval vehicles. Furthermore, two weapons for the IL-76 and Soviet AN-2 planes (both excellent bomber/fighter planes respectively) have also been included with this update.

War Thunder stands out from similar games by not requiring a monthly subscription fee; most players have never spent anything in that regard. Instead, microtransactions in the form of “Reward Boosters” packages allow users to unlock various bonuses and upgrades for their vehicles by accruing enough experience points.

War Thunder is an enjoyable and competent flight and ground battle game with only minor flaws that doesn’t let its microtransactions get in the way of its experience. There is an impressive variety of vehicles to explore and tinker with; its graphics and audio quality is superb – for optimal gameplay we recommend using at least a PC with at least mid-range GPU and 8GB RAM memory for optimal gameplay.

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