Watch TV on Your PC Using a DVB Tuner


ProgDVB is an innovative program for Windows that lets you watch television and radio broadcasts using DVB tuner cards or online. This powerful software program provides access to thousands of DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T, ATSC and ISDB-T channels via satellite, cable or over the air as well as supporting standard analog signals with advanced features like picture-in-picture and timeshifting support.

This free software works with multiple DVB tuners and can be easily customized using plugins for specific uses. MP3 or WMA recording formats can be utilized, supporting teletext as well as streaming television broadcasts across networks (LAN or Internet). Furthermore, its user-friendly interface provides for an effortless experience.

ProgDVB allows you to choose from an extensive variety of graphical skins to personalize its appearance and record TV shows into playlists for easy viewing. Multiple monitor support means you can watch it while performing other tasks on your computer; subtitles and remote controls add extra convenience and usability to this program.

To take full advantage of this program, a DVB-PCI card with hardware decoders and SAT receiver are necessary. When installing, you will be asked to configure various settings during installation process and be given the opportunity to create channel lists; you can also adjust color and volume levels before creating playlists of your favorite tunes using this program.

If your DVB-S2 card comes equipped with an CI slot, adding a smart card and authorizing your subscriber account to receive pay-TV programming is as easy as adding one smart card or activating it with an activation code provided by your provider. This will unlock data scrambled by conditional access modules so that encrypted content can be seen.

This version of the program is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista and can be freely downloaded from its official website.

Important updates and fixes were implemented for options dialogs, M3u support and other components of the program. We have also created a new format for transponder lists.

Support has been added for Compro VideoMate DVB-S. CC subtitling issues were resolved along with ATSC scanner issues, with scale function updates to GUI skins for GUI skins, screenshots being placed into their own directory, improvements and fixes made to PIP mode and support of television/CC receivers, as well as MP3/VOD playback being enhanced and/or fixed accordingly.

ProgDVB is an excellent freeware option for anyone who wishes to watch and record digital television broadcasts on their desktop PC. This application boasts an impressive feature set that makes it one of the best applications in its category – such as timeshifting, picture-in-picture mode and teletext – not to mention recording HD broadcasts!

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