What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Used by developers and designers to design, create, edit and manage websites and pages, this full-featured HTML editor also allows users to code files for upload to remote servers with real-time syntax checking, highlighting and code completion features as well as various hints to assist with faster coding times and efficiency.

Dreamweaver was first developed and released for publication by Macromedia in 1997; Adobe acquired Macromedia and continued developing the software. Dreamweaver stands out among other programs as it shows both coding and designing on one screen, unlike others that require switching between screens to see results. Dreamweaver supports numerous markup languages including XML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The IDE offers features designed to assist the user in building responsive websites that will look great across any device, making coding and editing simpler through visual media query bars, easy creation of CSS grids and Flexbox elements, as well as a streamlined yet clutter-free interface which can display only necessary tools; additionally the workspace can be extended by displaying pages across multiple monitors.

Dreamweaver provides an immensely powerful feature: publishing websites directly from within its program. Dreamweaver allows users to manage all files for a site and upload them directly onto any remote web server, while keeping both local and remote copies synchronized. Furthermore, Dreamweaver checks page validity by highlighting errors and warnings as well as accessibility issues that arise within its pages.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC, with new upgrades and features, was released today with enhancements and modifications. These improvements and features include support for native Apple M1 support as well as Chromium Embedded Framework performance and compatibility enhancements. Adobe also announced their GitHub integration feature that makes team collaboration easy when working on projects using Dreamweaver. To find out more information please visit their product page.

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