What Is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is an image manipulation and editing program developed for graphic artists that allows you to manipulate digital photos. As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of software – which also includes Lightroom, Illustrator, Font Manager and Acrobat – Photoshop provides users with tools for manipulating raster images, drawing digital or scanned drawings/paintings and website composition development – as well as personal use such as enhancing family photos or making cartoons.

Adobe has continuously enhanced and adjusted their photo-editing software over time, as well as offering its own cloud service. Subscription options allow access to Lightroom and Photoshop on PC/iPad as well as all products within Creative Cloud suite – giving users instantaneous access to any future features developed by Adobe that keep them at the cutting-edge of photo-editing tech.

Thomas and John Knoll created the initial version of Photoshop software in 1987, selling distribution rights to Adobe Systems Incorporated. Since its release, Photoshop has become the leading tool for raster graphics editing; becoming part of Adobe Systems Incorporated software family (Lightroom, Fix & Elements) along with Lightroom Fix & Elements; even becoming an expression used as verb: to “Photoshop” means to make edits or corrections to photographs or images.

Photoshop stands out among its competition thanks to its layering system, which enables designers to work independently on multiple layers before merging them as needed. Furthermore, this layer system provides a way for the designer to hide or reveal parts of an image according to his needs. Another important feature is selecting pixels and vector shapes with various selection tools – an ability which facilitates working with large images while guaranteeing no distortion when they’re resized.

Other features that prove useful to designers include the ability to add and modify text. The program has numerous options for changing font type, size and style as well as font spacing and line height of text – enabling designers to add professional touches to their work by correcting issues related to sizing, kerning and letter spacing issues.

Another feature is the ability to use multiple brushes, giving users access to an array of styles. These brushes can be used for anything from texture addition to painting in period styles; helping designers produce authentic pieces of art reminiscent of certain periods or genres.

Additionally, the program allows the user to control both brightness and contrast. Brightness defines overall levels of lightness or darkness while contrast amplifies or diminishes differences between dark and light areas within an image.

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