What Is Cinebench?


Cinebench, developed by MAXON (the company behind 3D animation software Cinema 4D), is an efficient CPU and GPU benchmarking tool from MAXON that simulates how your computer would fare when rendering complex scenes using Cinema 4D. Results are then compared against other computers to help assess where yours stands among the pack.

Cinebench may not be the most sophisticated benchmarking tool, but it still provides an effective and straightforward means of assessing your hardware. The program utilizes a real-world scenario which involves 3D rendering with Redshift to deliver an accurate evaluation of how well your system can manage such tasks – providing users who are considering upgrading their system with accurate knowledge to ensure it will meet or surpass expectations, or experienced users the chance to confirm whether their current setup remains efficient.

The main window of this program comprises a menu bar at the top, as well as several buttons and options that enable access to different features. Clicking on CPU will open a page that displays both single-core and multi-core performance scores; GPU scores include scores for OpenGL and CUDA tests as well as breakdowns for each test performed, along with lists of systems with their scores displayed as well.

Like previous releases of this software, this newer release boasts several significant enhancements designed to enhance the benchmarking experience. Notably, its memory footprint has been tripled to account for modern creative projects’ increasing complexity. Furthermore, it now takes advantage of updated instruction sets, speeding up processing times on CPUs.

Other changes have also been implemented to increase program stability. One such change allows you to run CPU tests for up to 30 minutes at once – great news for power users who wish to monitor how their system performs over an extended period.

Cinebench remains one of the premier benchmarking tools on the market, providing invaluable resources for evaluating hardware. Cinebench’s CPU-based rendering tests give an accurate picture of your system’s capabilities; its scores are utilized by IT administrators, journalists and hardware manufacturers for purchasing decisions, reviews and product optimization purposes. Cinebench can also be used to detect issues which slow rendering times – making this program an essential addition for anyone interested in assessing their hardware.

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