What Is Driver Identifier?

Driver Identifier

When purchasing or reinstalling an operating system, certain devices may stop functioning correctly due to missing drivers. Drivers are software programs that enable operating systems to interact with hardware components, and when available can allow the computer to interact and control such things as printers, scanners, webcams and other peripherals.

Driver update programs offer automated solutions to find and update drivers automatically, by scanning hardware on a computer before searching a database for compatible drivers compatible with that operating system. But these solutions can often be overkill for home users looking to update only one or two drivers at once; that is where Driver Identifier comes in handy.

A driver management program scans your system for all the drivers installed, then displays them alphabetically with version numbers on a web page for you to browse and choose your driver from a list. Clicking an individual link either starts the installation process immediately or redirects you directly to its developer website, depending on how your settings have configured your program.

Driver Updater Free stands out as one of the simplest driver updaters on the market, featuring an uncluttered user interface and no settings, making setup fast. Unfortunately, however, its simplistic nature means it doesn’t provide as many advanced features compared with similar programs such as IObit Driver Booster Free which provide scheduling features and download managers that save valuable time.

Driver Identifier provides the advantage of being able to identify which driver a user is employing, making this solution invaluable in many scenarios. Companies with shared vehicle fleets may utilize it in order to ensure employees do not abuse company vehicles by making unnecessary journeys or exceeding working hours – this can be accomplished by equipping each vehicle with an RFID card reader or iButton reader so drivers must place their smart card or magnetic key before starting up the engine.

Once this has been accomplished, it becomes much simpler to ascertain who has been driving which vehicle and when, an invaluable tool in terms of both company costs and meeting legislative requirements such as “duty of care” or working time limits. Navirec can also assist businesses by helping reduce overall maintenance and fuel costs related to their fleet by making it simpler to track driving activity.

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