What Is Epic Browser?

Epic is a web browser designed to make browsing the Internet privately easy. It doesn’t store browsing data and blocks many snooping techniques used by companies to keep an eye on you online. Furthermore, its built-in encrypted proxy feature – similar to a VPN for the browser – protects you by hiding your IP address from network snoopers like ISPs or hackers.

Epic browser stands out from its competition by prioritizing security above speed. For starters, it blocks ads and trackers that follow your journey online and doesn’t share referrer header data with third-party services, thus protecting against their attempts at monitoring your activities online.

This browser is built on Chromium, keeping it just as up-to-date with Chrome. Furthermore, it uses the open source Blink rendering engine and V8 JavaScript engine, making it as fast on most websites as Google Chrome.

Epic stands out by how it protects your privacy. First off, all Google services have been removed from Chromium so your browser no longer connects through to Google servers; no tracking history will be collected; automatic blocking of trackers widgets and ads; no cookies used nor log file maintained – among many other advantages!

Epic features a secure vault for you to store personal documents and files safely away. Its encryption protects you from hacker intrusion; unlike many browsers it offers this unique feature.

Epic’s encrypted proxy (an inbuilt VPN for your browser) enables secure connectivity, bypassing paywalls and any paywall restrictions while blocking fingerprinting attempts by hackers and snoopers by default.

Note that Epic Browser does not work with all websites and applications due to how it functions; in order to view content or television shows on Netflix, for example, an Internet Explorer extension must be installed separately from Epic’s free service. Furthermore, due to this lack of sustainability measures within Epic itself, no business plans exist that make its operation sustainable.

Epic browser is user-friendly, featuring an interface similar to that of Google Chrome. The search bar sits prominently at the top of your screen while navigation controls can be found in a sidebar on the left. Epic also supports an array of extensions such as RoboForm, LastPass, Evernote Web Clipper and bookmark synchronization extensions like Xmarks and Pocket.

As with any new web browser, it is wise to conduct compatibility testing before installing it across multiple devices. To do this, visit the official site and click “Download Epic Now,” where there will also be quick links for tutorials for beginners. Epic can be downloaded for Windows and macOS systems.

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