What is FreeCAD?


FreeCAD is a general-purpose parametric 3D computer-aided design modeler. Featuring various modeling tools and developed through user contributions, FreeCAD can be used for various projects from product design to mechanical engineering and even features modern Finite Element Analysis with robot simulation modules.

It is free

CAD programs have become an indispensable part of modern life, yet they can be prohibitively expensive. Luckily, there are free tools that offer comparable capabilities; one such free CAD tool is FreeCAD: an open-source program which lets you design 2D and 3D models as well as animations using its user-friendly UI similar to professional CAD applications with many features available for you to take advantage of.

FreeCAD was developed to meet a range of work, making it suitable for professionals, hobbyists and students. Its extensive feature set features modern FEA tools, experimental CFD analysis modules, BIM dedicated workbenches and robot simulation modules; as well as being scriptable and customizable through its large community of enthusiasts. FreeCAD also boasts highly compatibility with AutoCAD’s familiar user interface – attractive color themes fonts hatches linestyles navigation cluster and shortcut keys make navigating around 3D views simple! Moreover it supports multiple data formats formats making it compatible both Windows and Linux systems!

It is open-source

FreeCAD is a popular free CAD application in engineering, architecture and product design industries. With its modular structure that enables users to install plugins that expand its functionality; FreeCAD can also help users create 3D models of complex objects.

The program is open-source and supported by an engaged community of developers and users. This group actively addresses issues by preparing technical documentation for end users as well as translating it. This collaborative aspect ensures that its development continues at an optimum rate.

FreeCAD offers students and educators a free CAD alternative. Its user interface matches that of professional CAD software, while it boasts numerous tools to aid design. FreeCAD makes an ideal starting point for novice users while Python scripting expertise allows advanced users to further customize it for faster sculpting tasks through single-line commands.

It is cross-platform

FreeCAD is an cross-platform parametric 3D CAD/BIM software application developed using OpenCasCade geometry kernel technology and features an Open Inventor-compatible 3D scene representation model provided by Coin 3D library. FreeCAD also utilizes Qt toolkit as its foundation and supports advanced extensions and customization options for further expanding its functionality.

Mechanical product design software tailored specifically to mechanical engineering includes CAD, PLM, CAx and CAE tools as well as modern FEA tools, experimental CFD simulation, BIM/Geodata capability and dedicated BIM/Geodata workbenches with robot simulation capabilities.

User interface of PDSCAD software features a professional look and feel, offering familiar operation methods like menu and command entry to make learning and using PDSCAD easier for anyone with some knowledge of CAD software. Available for Windows and Mac OS X as well as most Linux distributions for free download via Releases page or via distribution packages.

It is easy to use

FreeCAD is an intuitive CAD program with many powerful capabilities, providing interactive geometry design, rendering/analysis with ray tracing technology and benchmarks, along with an energetic community of users.

FreeCAD’s software is written in Python, making it extremely simple and user-friendly. Every time you press a toolbar button, a line of Python code will be printed out into the console and executed; giving you a great opportunity to learn programming while using CAD applications such as FreeCAD. Furthermore, this language enables macro writing – another invaluable feature found within FreeCAD!

FreeCAD offers comprehensive documentation. It can be found online, with written tutorials covering various workbenches available here on this website and several specific tutorial pages and video tutorials in its User hub section. There’s also an active community forum where you can receive help from fellow users.

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