What Is Kodi?

Kodi is an advanced media center program with numerous add-ons that enable users to tailor it precisely to their tastes and requirements. Furthermore, there’s live TV recording capability as well as a large community that’s ready and willing to assist any time someone gets stuck!

Kodi supports an impressive variety of video file formats and network locations such as SMB/SAMBA/CIFS, NFS, WebDAV or UPnP devices. Furthermore, it can upscale video files to higher resolutions while making use of processor-intensive features like Dolby Atmos audio and HDR – not to mention being compatible with Android smartphones, TV boxes, Raspberry Pi and Windows 10.

Kodi goes beyond traditional file types by also streaming audio and video content from online sources via third-party add-ons. For instance, it can connect with paid accounts like Hulu and Netflix, providing access to their vast libraries of movies and television shows; additionally it integrates with services that enable downloading free content such as Crackle.

Kodi makes life easy when it comes to organizing all the videos you own on your computer, separating them into folders for movies, TV shows and personal videos. This feature helps make finding what you’re searching for much faster; but requires some initial setup; first creating new folders in File/Windows Explorer to organize video files before moving all content to those folders – Kodi will then create and maintain its video library for you automatically!

Kodi offers an impressive variety of picture add-ons that allow it to create slideshows, edit photos and download/store photos from social media and weather forecasts. In addition, it features skins and themes to give Kodi an attractive look and supports various remote control devices so you can switch profiles, change volumes or switch on TV.

Kodi’s most valuable feature is its ability to function as a live TV DVR, an undertaking which may seem daunting for less technically adept users, yet is easily set up using third-party add-ons available from Kodi’s website along with instructions and an active community of other Kodi enthusiasts.

Although Kodi is an impressive piece of software, its default menu and layout may be daunting for less tech-savvy users. To simplify things further, download a “build,” which provides ready-made packs of add-ons which give Kodi an entirely different appearance and functionality.

Many people prefer installing customized builds, however it’s important to note that certain add-ons could be illegal and users could face potential legal consequences for using them. To stay out of trouble it’s wiser to stick with official add-ons from reliable sources like Crackle and Spotify; such add-ons have their own official add-ons available.

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