What Is UsbFix?

UsbFix is a specialized tool designed to identify and remove malware components from USB storage devices like thumb drives. The goal of UsbFix is to prevent infections from spreading between computers, which could have devastating repercussions.

This program is easy and intuitive for any level of technical expertise to use, simply clicking Research or Clean will detect and eliminate any harmful components found on a USB device, while simultaneously “vaccinating” against future attacks.

Additionally, Avast provides additional functions to aid in the fight against malware and viruses. For instance, it can detect and repair damaged files, hide/restore hidden folders, restore deleted registry entries, repair task manager settings and even detect and remove rootkits–a form of malware which cannot be detected by antivirus programs.

Another key feature is its automatic, deep analysis of external USB devices plugged into the system, including flash drives and memory cards. Additionally, this program can perform a thorough file review on each USB device to detect suspicious or corrupted files that could steal passwords – keyloggers in particular can be detected with ease!

Free versions of this software are available, while more advanced ones require a license. It features real-time protection mode, automatic updates and an user-friendly interface to protect against malware such as the USB Jumper virus.

UsbFix is an efficient solution for protecting all USB devices, from flash drives to SD cards. VirusTotal’s antivirus engines combined have recognized it with an 80% detection rate; and UsbFix can remove even malware resistant to traditional anti-virus solutions.

UsbFix can now detect and eliminate all types of malware from USB drives as well as from host computers, detect any files missing from them, as well as restore lost data due to infections. Furthermore, UsbFix prevents future instances of these threats spreading further throughout your network.

UsbFix’s free version does not provide real-time protection; however, to purchase one you can create an account on their official website. Once done you can start using their application immediately!

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