What You Should Know About GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting is an agile and robust video conferencing tool used by business users worldwide. Both its free and professional versions offer plenty of functionality; its security infrastructure also ensures safe discussions while sharing files.

GoToMeeting makes hosting or joining meetings easy with its user-friendly interface, with a control panel on the right side of desktop mode that’s intuitive and offers all your audio/video settings and screen sharing options in one central place. Plus, using this panel you can change camera devices, mute/unmute participants or view additional meeting help!

GoToMeeting can be used to join meetings either via their browser or mobile application, however if you wish to use their desktop app it requires having both webcam and microphone connected as well as having a stable WiFi connection. When joining meetings via GoToMeeting’s links or smartphone applications it will automatically download when joining. It is highly recommended that if you want the full GoToMeeting experience then installing their application.

Once in a GoToMeeting session, your video will appear at the top of the screen while those invited appear as panels with names and attendance counts. By default, everyone’s videos and sounds will be visible; however, you have the option to display only those with cameras activated or hide all attendees as desired.

GoToMeeting makes hosting online presentations or webinars simple with its ability to give a URL directly to where your presentation or webinar will take place, plus adding custom header and footer elements that allow you to display information such as brand logos or event details.

GoToMeeting also makes life easy by enabling users to record sessions for later viewing or use, providing a great opportunity to review meetings, training sessions and presentations at any point in time. Recording sessions allows you to share them with others and access them from any Internet-enabled device. Furthermore, editing these recordings enables you to highlight key aspects of conversation – helping improve future meetings! GoToMeeting mobile apps make it easy to record sessions and edit them as necessary, recording in HD quality for a more professional look and feel. GoToMeeting’s highly configurable design makes it user friendly; record sessions effortlessly!

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