Why WordPress Is the Most Popular Website Builder on the Web

WordPress, one of the world’s most beloved website builders, allows anyone with no coding knowledge to easily create and publish websites online. As part of content management systems (CMS), it enables businesses, bloggers, and influencers to easily publish stories, products, services and more on the web while offering it in an user-friendly format.

WordPress is a free tool that powers 43% of all websites online – from small blogs and personal pages, online stores, forums and online communities – from small blogs and personal pages all the way up to large enterprise sites with multiple webstores and forums. Its flexibility makes it perfect for many different use cases while thousands of plugins provide extra functionality to sites.

WordPress was initially developed for blogging, but quickly evolved into an all-encompassing Content Management System capable of supporting more traditional websites as well as mailing lists, Internet forums, media galleries, membership sites and even online stores. Being open source also means it is constantly being improved upon – there’s an active user community working together on new features, fixing bugs and solving any potential problems across many types of websites.

WordPress works on the basis of content blocks – pieces of text and visual elements that can be added to a page or post – while page templates are tailored specifically to work with these content blocks in particular ways. Pages may be created with any type of information you desire; there are even pages specifically tailored for certain information types like About pages and Contact pages which allow for quick addition of important details about your business or any content relevant to an audience, like FAQs.

Once a page or post is ready for publication, all it takes to publish it is clicking Publish in your dashboard and selecting whether you would like the post displayed as part of your blog page or static page on your website. This allows your visitors to easily see any news and updates you post; plus you can even set up subscription options so subscribers will automatically receive them!

There’s so much you can do with WordPress sites, but that’s for another article. Let’s focus instead on some of the top brands using it to power their sites.

Facebook, Sony Music and The New York Times all use WordPress as an effective web platform to showcase their content online. Each uses an engaging homepage designed specifically with WordPress to highlight their brand’s key characteristics while showcasing flagship products and services in an intuitive format. In addition, each has a Newsroom section where they share company updates and information with their audience; this helps maintain transparency and credibility with their target market. Furthermore, The New York Times uses a blog section in their website for news and events coverage.

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