Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is free software that makes editing videos and photos simple. Compatible with most devices and running smoothly on Windows XP, it has easy operation and provides plenty of features for users.

The program automatically assigns your movie with a title, which you can modify in the black box at the top left. In addition, text formatting options and transition effects are also provided for.

It is easy to use

Windows Movie Maker is an intuitive, free program compatible with most devices that makes creating multimedia projects effortless and enjoyable. This versatile software supports various video, image and audio file formats as well as animated text screens and music tracks – including MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG AIFF WAV. Furthermore, HEIC images can even be imported automatically converted to compatible formats.

The software offers both a Timeline and Storyboard view for arranging clips and images in linear order while the Storyboard view lets you organize video scenes into stories. You can switch between these views by pressing either Show Storyboard or Show Timeline button.

It supports an extensive range of file formats, making it the perfect solution for sharing videos on YouTube or Facebook. Furthermore, it features editing tools for improving videos such as cropping, trimming and adding titles as well as adjusting clip brightness settings and text overlays.

It is free

This program supports various audio and video formats, and features an automatic backup function. Furthermore, its user manual and bug reporting system make getting assistance easy if problems arise while using this software. Ultimately, this product makes a fantastic choice for home and professional users alike.

Windows Movie Maker now offers an inbuilt stabilization feature to remove mild camera shakes and wobbles from videos, through the Edit menu and its low and high settings. This function makes editing videos much smoother!

It also features an extensive library of titles and effects, including animated title screens that let you add credits at either the start or end of a video, text captions/translations for English language videos as well as subtitles for hearing impaired viewers. Furthermore, you can use this program to create and burn DVDs.

It is compatible with most devices

Windows Movie Maker is designed to work across most devices and is capable of creating videos in several different formats – select from the File menu which one works best! YouTube, Facebook and Instagram all accept mp4, avi and wmv files for upload.

Windows Movie Maker features several visual effects that can help make your videos look professional, such as creating an animated sketch of a clip or warping it, adding different colors or intensifying or saturating their hue. Furthermore, motion tracking enables users to add special effects that follow objects across a scene and distortion and displacement effects can add unique visuals. Furthermore, Windows Movie Maker now supports 360-degree video editing; you can capture and edit immersive footage directly from cameras and mobile devices!

It is easy to learn

With built-in themes and transitions designed for beginners as well as the option to add music, Windows Movie Maker makes creating slideshows a simple process for beginners. Furthermore, Windows Movie Maker supports most digital video camera formats as well as photo and audio file uploads.

This program features both a timeline and storyboard views to allow you to arrange clips, still images, and transitions into sequence. To switch between them click either Show Storyboard or Show Timeline button – with the latter featuring boxes you can drag-and-drop to create your movie storyboard.

PowerDirector, an innovative alternative to Windows Movie Maker with advanced features, allows users to easily create videos of up to two hours long. However, saving frequently and making backup copies are essential in case of crashes or crashes with other programs. As an alternative, try PowerDirector which offers an intuitive user interface as well as automated effects such as fading and panning for added versatility.

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