Wise Care 365 Review

Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is an all-in-one computer optimization tool designed to maximize system performance, defragment disks and Windows registry, manage startup services and startup services and protect privacy with various security tools.

Over time, your hard drive and registry can become disorganized. With this software’s defragging services, they will become more organized, speeding up your machine.


Wise Care 365 is an all-in-one PC optimizer designed to be simple to use and fast in speed, featuring numerous features for optimizing system files, cleaning out outdated or redundant information and uninstalling unwanted programs from Windows registry. Furthermore, it automatically backs up registry before every cleaning procedure takes place.

This program’s primary elements are PC Checkup, System Cleaner, Tune-up, and Privacy Protector. The first element analyses your computer’s performance, grades its health condition, and offers quick fixes. Meanwhile, System Cleaner removes unneeded files, invalid registry entries, junk browser content as well as defrag the registry, hard drive and manage startup items and services for maximum performance.

The third element is a security protector which prevents applications from silently editing Windows registry and context menu settings without user knowledge. Furthermore, this solution monitors processes while providing a comprehensive list of running programs; furthermore it can detect and block any process which attempts to update Registry without their knowledge.


Wise Care 365 helps maintain peak computer performance by cleaning out junk files, fixing invalid registry entries and freeing up disk space. In addition, it features tools that enhance privacy by clearing away traces of your Internet activities; optimizing and accelerating system performance while protecting against malware infections.

User interface of the software is clean and intuitive, with sections dedicated to each of its main tasks: PC Checkup, System Cleaner, Tuneup, Defragmentation Disk Defragmentation Registry Optimization Privacy Protector as well as tools for startup processes/services/monitoring as well as a monitor for system activities.

Wise Assistance’ connects users with experts for quicker and better solutions to computer-related issues, while Wise Care 365 makes portable versions that run from USB sticks or removable disks so they can use Wise Care on other computers without installation.


Wise Care 365 is an all-in-one system utility for Windows that enables you to optimize every aspect of your computer, from browsing history cleanup and file removal, through optimizing performance parameters and tweaking browser cache, optimizing and tuning up performance parameters to speed up PC performance and ensure stability.

The program includes a system cleaner which removes temporary files and other forms of clutter to free up disk space, defragments the disk and registry to make your PC run more efficiently, and can disable programs running at startup to speed up Windows bootup.

This program includes an inbuilt feature to safeguard your privacy in real-time, such as preventing changes to system settings without authorization and blocking programs from changing Internet Explorer homepage or context menu settings without your knowledge. Furthermore, it includes a secure file shredder to permanently erase deleted files so they cannot be recovered by data recovery tools.

Final Words

Wise Care 365 is an all-in-one program that can optimize and speed up the performance of a Windows-based computer, by cleaning your browsing history, freeing up unnecessary files, defragmenting disks and system registry, protecting privacy by deleting activity logs and files, stopping malware from altering registry, creating strong passwords for Quick Access in Taskbar Quick Access as well as cleaning records in Explorer Explorer.

This software is easy to use and free from viruses and spyware, with excellent performance despite taking some time to perform a full scan on Windows-based systems. Furthermore, its graphical user interface supports all versions of Windows OS.

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