Wise Disk Cleaner Review

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free Windows utility designed to keep disks clear by deleting unnecessary files. This utility can help remove temporary files created by applications, log files, index files and Windows downloaded update files that clog up an operating system’s resources, remove duplicates that take up space or slow down computer performance and remove duplicate duplicates that take up too much space on disk drives – plus more! Plus it can even be scheduled automatically for maximum efficiency!

This program is easy for novice users, yet also features an advanced mode for those seeking greater control over the utilities offered by this software. Users can set it to automatically scan and remove junk files or select specific folders that should be cleaned out; they can also select type of file they’d like deleted along with whether it should go directly into recycle bin or be permanently erased.

Wise Disk Cleaner differs from some similar programs such as CCleaner in that it only deletes items deemed unnecessary in your operating system, rather than everything. This is to prevent accidentally deleting an essential file required by other programs or even by the OS itself from being deleted by accident. Nonetheless, it does check more files than similar applications, defragmenting hard disks for enhanced efficiency and potentially even helping with defragmentation of hard drives for improved functionality.

As well as cleaning out unnecessary files from your operating system, this software also removes temporary and obsolete application files that no longer need to be present, helping free up space and speed up programs. It can also remove cookies and autocomplete data from browser history for added convenience if you often forget to clear it yourself. Furthermore, this program can clean out empty keys in the registry while being safe as some empty entries might actually be necessary for certain programs such as Windows itself.

CleanUpBit can also clean out temporary files and logs generated by various applications like text editors and browsers, saving both time and effort by eliminating the need to remember to clear history every time a program starts up again. Furthermore, it can remove cache files from popular apps like TikTok, Facebook and Skype as well as reduce registry clutter – though not as effectively as BleachBit does!

Similar to CCleaner, this program can be an extremely valuable addition to your PC. You can schedule it easily to easily clean out unwanted files that make your computer run much faster. Plus it comes equipped with a disk defragmenter, so fragmented data on your hard drive is reorganized back into its proper places! Plus it is user-friendly, making this an excellent alternative to CCleaner that can even help boost overall PC performance!

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