Yahoo Messenger Is Being Shut Down

Yahoo Messenger

Millions of instant messaging (IM) users have made Yahoo Messenger the go-to application, but now that it is being discontinued they must choose an alternative program that suits their individual needs best.

Here is everything you need to know about the top Yahoo Messenger alternatives, so that you can select one suitable to your situation.

It’s free

Yahoo Messenger (then known as “Yahoo Pager”) first debuted as an instant messaging service in 1998, allowing people to communicate instantly online with friends and family members. Compatible with Windows operating systems, iOS devices, Android smartphones, Blackberry smartphones as well as Blackberry Playbook devices; features include video chat, text messages, voice mails as well as the capability of sharing photos.

Yahoo Messenger now includes new features that make communication simpler, such as being able to recall any regrettable messages you send and combine photos into carousels for easier sharing with others, adding animated GIFs for conversations, and supporting multiple platforms including desktop computers, iPhones and Android phones. All versions are free!

This app is easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space on your computer. Available in over 40 languages, it supports voice and video calls as well as personalized statuses with emoticons that you create yourself – perfect for keeping in touch with family and friends!

It’s easy to use

Yahoo Messenger is an outstanding iPhone application to use for instant messaging, voice calls, and video calling. It features an easy-to-use interface and can be found in the App Store; simply download it to your phone then sign in with your account to begin using the service!

Sharing photos, videos and animated GIFs with your friends is also simple on Snapchat; making conversations fun and entertaining! Photos appear horizontally rather than stacked vertically like in other messaging apps.

Yahoo Messenger provides full-screen video chatting capabilities as well as the option to keep chats logged online so they’re accessible from any device. Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter statuses can be updated from within the app while adding social games and radio stations for extra fun!

It’s secure

Since 1998, Yahoo Pager was one of the pioneering instant messaging applications that offered users an experience similar to WhatsApp. Today its successor, known as Yahoo Messenger is available both for iOS and Android devices.

Although not intended as a replacement for Facebook Messenger, Viper offers some useful features. For instance, you can add photos and videos directly into conversations, share video calls among multiple friends at once and send messages directly from your browser window.

Viber boasts some of the highest security standards among instant messaging programs, yet choosing one can be dauntingly complex. Some factors to keep in mind when making this choice include whether mobile messaging or desktop is what best fits you and whether security concerns matter to you – Viber offers free IM and boasts an expansive user base from around the globe.

It’s fast

Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging program that enables you to communicate one-on-one or in groups. The app is free for download and use, working over Wi-Fi or mobile data connections. In addition, Yahoo Messenger lets users share photos and videos – plus includes animated GIFs as well as sending high-resolution photos.

This program can be used on both Windows and Mac computers, supporting over 40 languages with advanced features like emoji, chat log, Custom Statuses (including iTunes song status). Yahoo! Messenger integrates seamlessly with their homepage with drag-and-drop file transfer capability as well as lower call rates than Skype and integrated voicemail functionality.

A revamped version of the software was unveiled in 2015 with features like customizable avatars and unsending/liking messages; Tumblr integration; as well as a smart contacts system which recognizes relationships between people quickly adding them into conversations.

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